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Thread: how to switch back to breastfeeding from pumping -bottle?

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    Default how to switch back to breastfeeding from pumping -bottle?

    my baby is 10 week old. due to poor latch on and jaundice in the beginning i switched to pumping and bottle feed her. now i want to switch to breast feeding exclusively. Did anyone got success in getting back to breastfeeding at 10 weeks? i think it is too late. I tried LC but not much help. they ask me to use nipple shield i tried but she is not staying more than 2 minutes.. any help?

    is there any previous link to refer? i badly need to change to EBF..

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    Default Re: how to switch back to breastfeeding from pumping -bottle

    Not too late. You can do this although yes it will take a bit of determination, most likely.

    http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/child/back-to-breast/ best link ever on getting baby back to breast. I could write and write but Kelly Mom has it written better here.
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    you should fine somebody good, maybe a different IBCLC or LLL leader who can help watch your baby latch and give you some hands-on help in getting baby latched on correctly and painlessly. If your baby latches on well it really shouldn't hurt. A nipple shield isn't a cure-all and in some cases can help and some cases can hurt.
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    Default Re: how to switch back to breastfeeding from pumping -bottle

    Good advice from the PP. Do read that link- it covers pretty much all the basics about getting a baby back to the breast.
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