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Thread: When did you baby STTN?

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    Default When did you baby STTN?

    I'm just curious to hear from other breastfeeding and/or co-sleeping moms, when did your kid or kids sleep through the night? And did you do anything to encourage it or did they do it on their own?

    My son is 10 months old and has never even gotten close to sleeping through the night. He sleeps in his own crib for a while then I move him to our bed between midnight-4 am. I'm just curious because there are definitely days I'm exhausted and feel like, "He's never going to sleep through the night! I'm going to be tired forever!" Of course, I know this isn't true, but I really want a realistic idea of when it might happen.

    I also know another breastfeeding mom who said that by 12 months her kids only wanted to nurse once a night. But my son still nurses 3-4 times a night and shows no signs of slowing down. Will the time come when I have to teach him not to nurse at night? Did you kids stop on their own or did you wean them from night feedings?

    Thanks everyone!

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    Default Re: When did you baby STTN?

    I am interested as well! I have a 7 month old and I will admit I put limits on when he can nurse at night. If he wakes up before its been around 4 hours I usually just rock him back to sleep and this seems to be working for us. He doesn't get upset or mad that he can't nurse. If it's been like 4 or 5 hours then I will nurse him. I need to get my husband more involved in those other wake ups!

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    Default Re: When did you baby STTN?

    I'd be interested to know this as well. My 11 month old nurses about 3-4 times per night, but for now I'm glad of that. For us, night nursing and nursing to sleep keeps nursing in the picture. Without it, I think things would look a lot different and I want to nurse her for a few more years if that's what she wants.
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    Default Re: When did you baby STTN?

    I can't remember exactly, but to the best of my memory...

    DS1 STTN from around 5 months to 8 months, then regressed for a while until he was around 14 months and has been a great sleeper ever since.

    DS2 STTN as a newborn (of his own accord), then around 3 months started waking frequently, and the night wakings continued, tapering off until he was almost three years old. I will note, we weaned him at 22 months, but he still continued to wake at night, and was still joining us in bed pretty much nightly until DS3 came along (then we had to start enforcing that he go back to his own bed).

    DS3 has never STTN...except on very rare occasion. He is going on 20 months.

    In other words, every kid has been different.

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    Default Re: When did you baby STTN?

    DD1 slept 11 hours straight for three days in a row at 3 months old, then returned to night-waking every 1-3 hours until around 10 months. After that, it was 1-2x per night until age 2.

    DD2 was the same except that she never ever slept more than 5 hours in a row until she was around a year.

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    Default Re: When did you baby STTN?

    How long is ‘through the night?’ And do you mean never waking, even to pee?

    If you mean 10 hours without waking even to pee, about 6 years for my two boys. Of course they still wake, even adults wake several times at night, but go right back to sleep and are not even aware of it.

    But probably more to your point, my boys (now 7 & 10) started sleeping from 7:30 bedtime to morning, (note, *morning* could be pretty dang early.) with just one trip to the potty, (or pull up change, or bedding change, depending on where we were with that) in their own beds, with no nursing at night or only once a night, at around age 3 and a half. Before that, one was a very frequent waker- probably the longest he ever went was 4 hours-right through toddlerhood, and the other typically slept at least 5-6 hours at a time even as a young baby. (unless his older brother woke him up.) All kids are different.

    And no, I do not think their sleep patterns, which were and are developmentally normal, would have been any different if we did not breastfeed and bedshare in toddlerhood. But I certainly would have gotten less sleep!

    Once they really needed to sleep a good long stretch of 10 hours at once, at the same time every night, due to school and sports etc. , they do. Like cute little logs.

    I have no idea how many times my 15 month old daughter nurses at night. I make no note of it. She seldom really wakes all the way up, maybe once a night, usually during the time she is sleeping alone before my husband and I go to bed. But she will certainly stir a few times overnight and we just nurse and both go back to sleep.
    (Ironically it was my middle child and supposedly 'best' sleeper, in terms of length, who would sometimes decide 2 am was a great time to get up and play.)
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    Default Re: When did you baby STTN?

    DS is 2 and still hasn't STTN, whether by the 5-hour definition or otherwise.

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    Default Re: When did you baby STTN?

    My little girl slept 8 hours once when she was not quite 3 months, it was the first time we used white noise; we've been using white noise ever since and never achieved the same result!

    Other than a couple of times when she slept 5-6 hours stretches (and one 7 hour stretch, but that started at 7 and we stayed up until 11 that night! haha) she has usually only done a 3 hour stretch at most.

    She is 13 months and we have had the same question on our minds in recent times (will we need to teach her not to nurse so much at night?) but she only has 5 teeth so far and shows signs that she's working on getting more, along with all that other mamas assure me is going on developmentally at around the 1 year mark, and then there's always the possibility of growing pain... all in all it just makes sense to nurse through the rough nights for now and hope things get better.

    I also feel like she's smart enough that by 18 months I'll be able to explain why I need her to nurse less so I get more sleep and hopefully that will help. I might even make her a book on night weaning with pictures of her to help get the concept across.

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    Default Re: When did you baby STTN?

    Strangely, my dd (5) only really began sleeping through the night when her brother was born 11 months ago. DS began sleeping between 4 and 6 hours at a time in his crib before coming to my bed to nurse by the time he was about 4 months. I didn't really benefit in the form of sleep, though, because I had to spend that time working for a project deadline. Still, I was really lucky compared to dd at his age, because she didn't sleep longer than 2 hours until she was about 18 months. When ds was about 9 months old, he actually started to sleep for less time in his crib, which was difficult at his first. It became more like 2 or 3 hours, and now we are lucky if he stays there for 4. However, in general I don't mind when he comes to my bed now because he is so snuggly and for some reason I am now able to properly sleep with him. I am not conscious enough to figure out how often he is nursing while he is in my bed, but it must be less than he used to. I know, or at least I feel like, he used to wake me up every hour when he was in my bed when he was a bit younger. So even if your little one is still coming to your bed at 10 months, there is a chance, based on my experience, that sharing a bed with your son might become more restful.

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    Default Re: When did you baby STTN?

    When I night weaned him. Which was when he was 3.9 year old. But he started sleeping at least one 4-5hour stretch when he was 5 weeks old. Because that's when I started using Fuzzibuns and stopped getting up to change him at night.

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