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Thread: how to switch back to breastfeeding from pumping -bottle?

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    Default how to switch back to breastfeeding from pumping -bottle?

    my baby is 10 week old. due to poor latch on and jaundice in the beginning i switched to pumping and bottle feed her. now i want to switch to breast feeding exclusively. Did anyone got success in getting back to breastfeeding at 10 weeks? i think it is too late. I tried LC but not much help. they ask me to use nipple shield i tried but she is not staying more than 2 minutes.. any help?

    is there any previous link to refer? i badly need to change to EBF..

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    Default Re: how to switch back to breastfeeding from pumping -bottle

    Are you pumping enough milk each day for baby? If you are making enough milk, that is half the battle won.

    generally speaking, It is not to late to get baby back to the breast. Babies many months old have been brought to the breast, even babies over a year old...It takes a lot of persistance but it IS possible, usually.

    But it would be important to know if there is some physical issue making it impossible or very difficult for baby to nurse? Did the lc check for that?

    Did you see an IBCLC? (Board certified LC) was your appt something like this? http://cwgenna.com/lconsult.html

    Have you tried the ideas in this article? http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/child/back-to-breast/ Nothing will likely happen instantly. It takes patience and trying things again and again.

    Have you considered an at the breast supplementer (lactation aid?) This can be used with a nipple sheild, or alone. I have even seen a mom use it with a regular bottle nipple for a child with true breast aversion-mom held baby in nursing position, and fed baby through the bottle nipple held near her breast. Later she moved to a nipple sheild and finally, the child latched and nursed-at each step, she also used a lactation aid.

    i tried but she is not staying more than 2 minutes.. any help?
    When a baby has been exclusively bottle fed for this long, ANY nursing or even any interest in the breast (nuzzling, licking, etc) is a very good sign. This is a very good place to build from. Remember, comfort nursing often comes first, and try ideas that encourage baby to latch instinctively (nursing baby in sleep, when sleepy, keeping baby held close, skin to skin if possible, as much as you can, etc. Instant reward is also often very helpful. These are well covered in the kellymom article.

    lactation aid info - http://cwgenna.com/smartnothard.html


    inserting lactation aid video http://www.breastfeedinginc.ca/conte...me=vid-lactaid

    finger feed to latch video http://www.breastfeedinginc.ca/conte...ame=vid-notyet

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    Default Re: how to switch back to breastfeeding from pumping -bottle

    Thanks for your reply. I ordered medela SNS - lactation aid today. I am going to try finger feed as showed in the video. rarely my baby licks at nipple but not sucking, she is fussy and crying at most of the time. I am trying... wish me good luck.

    yes I am producing enough milk for the baby. she is not having anyother problem she latched at 1st week perfectly due to weakness/jaundice we switched to bottle and also because of my triedness / emotional isssues

    I really want her to back to BF. I tried in the middle 2 times I got frustrated and feed her with bottle. now I am trying again just started from yesterday..

    Will let you know how it goes...

    thanks for your help.
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    Default Re: how to switch back to breastfeeding from pumping -bottle

    FInally I did it with help of LLL leader. at 11 week old I put her to my breast often for 4 days. after that i gave her nippleshield in lying(sidelying) she readily accept it and from that day i started EBF with nipple shield.

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