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Thread: Relactation and issues with milk supply

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    Hi, I have had a lot problems with breastfeeding, excuse my english I am from Mexico
    I had problems when my baby born because of the cesarea and the anestesia so he get late to breath. He was first feed with bottle, hours later I tried but he refused. So I pump and my milk amount decreased because I was bad informed about it.
    He has reflux and is lactose intolerant so now he is with a special Milk (Alfare). But the doctor told me that If I try again with breasfeeding but now full time my baby will be healthier and will increase weight, because he is skinny. But he doesnt want to try. He is 3 months old.
    Now I am taking Motillium pills and my production increased very low, an ounce per pump. He is eating 3 ounces per feed, 8 times a day.
    Can I increase my production just pumping, because he dont want to try.
    I will apreciate very much your experience and help.

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    You can definitely increase production with the pump. Milk supply is created by demand. Demand more, and your body supplies more. When you're pumping, the way to demand more is to pump more often, for longer, and to use the best possible pump. For a mother who is only pumping, the best pump is going to be a good double electric pump with correctly sized shields. Ideally, she should use a hospital-grade pump, since they tend to be the most powerful.

    Are you 100% sure that your baby is lactose intolerant? Lactose intolerance is extremely rare in babies, which is a good thing because human milk is full of lactose. When a baby is lactose intolerant, it's caused by one of 2 things:
    1. A rare hereditary disease, either congenital lactose intolerance, congenital lactase deficiency, or galactosemia. If your baby has any of these conditions, breastmilk would make him sick. Since your doctor thinks breastmilk would be good for the baby, the doctor clearly doesn't believe the baby has any of these genetic diseases.
    2. A temporary lactose intolerance that exists due to prematurity or comes in the wake of illness. If this is the case, then there's no need for the Alfare at this point, and no need to worry about the baby ingesting breastmilk.

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    Thank you very much I appreciate your help and advise. I will do it.

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