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    Hi, my daughter is 14 weeks old and breastfeeds exclusively. I have been pumping sporadically for storage but would like to start a solid pumping schedule. I feel that my supply lowers for that day if I put in a random pump session. How do you begin to start pumping daily for a freezer supply without lowering your supply for the rest of the day?

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    Your supply does not decrease when you pump. Actually, the extra stimulation should increase supply. Right after you pump, of course there will be less milk in the breast than there was before, but that tells your breasts to make more milk. And your breasts are never empty, so even if baby wants to nurse right then, it may take her a little longer to get the amount of milk she wants, but there will still be milk in there for her.

    Usually pumping once a day is enough to build up the amount of milk you need for the first day - 1 to 1.5 oz per hour apart - so if your first day you will be apart for 10 hours, you want to have between 10 and 15 oz in the fridge. Then each day at work you pump for the next day. If you pump too much during maternity leave, it can lead to oversupply problems. Most moms find they have the most milk in the morning, so if you can find time to squeeze in a pumping session in the morning, you might get the most bang for the buck then.

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    with the PP.

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