My daughter is four and a half months and I have been exclusively breast feeding her since birth. I returned to work 3 weeks ago and am working four days a week and am apart from her for about 10 hours on those days. We have a Spanish speaking nanny who seems great. My baby refused to take a bottle until I returned to work - we had tried almost every kind of bottle and nipple but finally she took a wide mouth dr browns with a level 2 nipple. Her pediatrician had recommended trying a larder flow nipple since I think I have fairly fast letdown/flow and she was refusing/frustrated by the level 1 nipples.

I have about 60-70 oz frozen milk and am trying to pump 2-3 times at work (its hard to find the time so 2 is often all I can do) and get about 10 oz. I have been trying to give frozen on the first day to rotate my frozen stash and then using fresh the rest of the week.

My daughter seems to be drinking a lot while I'm gone. Maybe 15 oz? I leave fresh milk (10-12 oz a day) but our nanny often defrosts a frozen one too. I think she gives it to her in 3 bottles. I have read that you are supposed to give no more than 4 oz at a time but I think she may be giving more. She's been doing this for 15 years and definitely has more baby experience than I do so I'm not sure how to talk to her about it. Also,we have a nanny share so she has 2 babies at a time so I don't know if that's why she's condensing feelings into more larger ones. Can any of you recommend Spanish language fact sheets or resources at I could review with her?

Any other suggestions on how to bring up the issue without questioning her expertise or making her feel criticized?