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Thread: What drinks should I be giving?

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    Default What drinks should I be giving?

    Whilst offering solids should I be offering water? He is 6.5 months and has been BLW since 6 months on and off (still finding time to dedicate to BLW). So he is still and will be breast fed till a year old so does he need any extra fluids?


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    Default Re: What drinks should I be giving?

    Sure, you can offer an ounce or two of water in a cup for fun. The amount he drinks may be 1 tsp or less. I remember getting concerned about supplemental water at that age, and it was all for naught because my little man preferred my milk by a landslide.

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    Default Re: What drinks should I be giving?

    As long as you're nursing on demand, you're able to meet all your baby's fluid needs by yourself. But an ounce of water- or preferably breastmilk- in a sippy is a fun new experience for baby, and you can feel free to incorporate that if you like.

    In case you're thinking that maybe your baby needs animal milk, juice, or any other beverage- then no, he doesn't.

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    Default Re: What drinks should I be giving?

    Yes you can offer water you need to boil the water before giving to your baby. And you can give dilute fruit juice it you baby is over 6 months. Diluted fruit juice with meals an be beneficial as the vitamin C is present it might help the absorption of iron.

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