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Thread: BLS: When do you introduce more water?

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    My Lo is almost a year now and we have been doing bls since 6 months. I'm currently offering him water from a straw cup only at meal times, that is lunch and dinner, though he doesn't take that much solids yet. He has just recently learnt to use the straw cup and think it is fun to bite and suck from the straw. He will drink every time i offer him. We are still nursing on demand. I don't want to offer more water now as I don't want to fill him with water instead of my milk.
    When will they start to need more water? Should I offer him more at other times too?

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    That's exactly what I did. I started when he was about 8 months old. Because that is when I taught him how to drink out of a straw. And it was the only time I offered water during the day until I started leaving him at 14 months. Then he would drink water out of a kleen Canteen the whole 9-10 hours away from me since he wasn't nursing while I was at work and he had no interest in BM in a bottle at that age. So While together only at mealtimes and continued to nurse on demand. While away water on demand as solids.
    He's 7. He drinks water in his thermos most days and he still drinks water with dinner every night.

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    I started to offer when we noticed some harder stool passing. Water helped with that, so my usage of water is directly linked to how to the stool is looking. If it looks peanut-buttery, I'm giving enough. If it's hard again, I'll offer more.

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    I have give water when he was around 8 month. I use to give sip of water. You should not give too much water to drink. It can lead to water intoxication. This happens when excess amounts of water dilute the electrolytes in the baby’s blood.

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