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Thread: Baby refuses breast every night.. About to give up! Help!

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    Default Baby refuses breast every night.. About to give up! Help!

    Every night, same time.. 5 week old fusses and refuses breast for about 3 hours. Sounds like colic bc same time every night.. I think I may have oald though.. Breat sprays, baby gained almost 3 lbs in month, fussiness/ gassiness.. I can't do this every night though.. And sometimes it goes on all day. I've tried everything,. Gripe water, mylicon, massage, rocking, reclning when feeding, block feeding, pumping before feeding, not pumping before feeding.. I'm at wits end!! Should I try a bottle of expressed milk at night?? Hes had two bottles and always seems satisfied and happy with them. Makes me feel like I'm hurting my child w my breastfeeding ;/ Help!

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    Default Re: Baby refuses breast every night.. About to give up! Help

    You're not hurting him by nursing him, mama!!! I know it's hard not to think that when you're dealing with colicky crying. Those cries are so heart-rending, and as moms we are conditioned to think that everything our babies do is somehow our responsibility and that if the baby is crying, we much be able to fix it. But with colic... Nope. Not your fault. And not your fix, either. You just have to wait for baby to grow out of it.

    When you're coping with colic, you want to try changing the baby's sensory inputs. Here are some things to try:
    - calm house- lights, TV, and stereo down or off
    - white noise- dryer sounds, radio static, breath/heartbeat sounds
    - motion- rock in rocker, swinging, stroller ride, etc.
    - closeness- cuddle baby in a sling or skin-to-skin
    - fresh air- take baby outside or just over to a window
    - warm bath- in the sink or in the tub with you
    - nurse as much as baby will accept
    When you're coping with colic, nothing is going to work for long. So when one calming technique fails, enlist another.

    Stay strong, mama! This is temporary. It sucks, but it's temporary.

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