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Thread: 12 week old baby has green poos and fusses at breast

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    Default Re: 12 week old baby has green poos and fusses at breast

    Literally minutes after I leave the room she wakes up though.
    A four month old is biologically wired to sleep better in contact with mom and wakes and protests if mom is not in contact. It's a survival tool.

    I'd like her to have at least one nap during the day when I can do something for myself, do something around the house, eat something etc.
    I hear ya! with some babies being able to sneak away is just way more difficult. What i do is i sneak away but as soon as baby stirs, I go back and nurse baby again, if I catch it quick enough sometimes baby sleeps again. This works for number 3, but never would have worked for number one. I had to stay with him most of the time during naps.

    Or I get me time doing something I can do while holding sleeping baby. Reading, computer, tv etc.

    or I nap as well.

    It is believed by some experts that sleep training babies works by convincing a baby that no one, not even their mother, will answer their cries, so they learn it is useless to cry so in order to save energy they stop. At the same time, mother becomes desensitized to their infant’s cries. Talk about 'breaking' a baby. Certainly there is no proof sleep training in any form is helpful or needed for normal sleep outcomes long term, in fact, this has been disproven.

    I nursed my oldest two to sleep for naps and bedtime for years, right thru toddlerhood. Over time this naturally gets less and less needed. They are now 10 and 7, have long been weaned, and have for many years have had excellent sleep habits by which I mean they go to sleep at bedtime and sleep all night. No sleep training.

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    Default Re: 12 week old baby has green poos and fusses at breast

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*lllmeg View Post

    Or I get me time doing something I can do while holding sleeping baby. Reading, computer, tv etc.

    This is what I do. I have one of those impossible to leave babies. So truly, what helped me was just accepting it, and working around it. Sure, many things would be a bit more convenient if I could put her down, but I know they only stay little for a little while, and this will one day pass. For now? Chores get done by my husband, or while baby is awake! I usually keep my iPad nearby when baby is about to nap, and play around on that while she sleeps on me.

    My daughter only ever took 20 minute naps when she was the same age as your baby. Usually about six of them a day! She was never fussy and never acted tired. All babies are different, and some just don't need those long daytime naps. Over time, with me doing absolutely nothing at all other than waiting it out, her naps lengthened a bit and decreased in number.
    Apologies for the short responses! I'm usually responding one-handed on my smartphone!

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    Default Re: 12 week old baby has green poos and fusses at breast

    Hi everyone, thanks for your replies!
    Mommal, she sadly doesn't sleep through the night, I just worded that sentence in a weird way. What I meant is she falls asleep around 10.30-11:00 pm and then wakes up pretty much every 2-3 hours until 7-7.30 am. The longest stretch of sleep she does (if I'm lucky) is 4 hours. Is is normal for a baby to wake up so often?
    I'm really concerned she's not getting enough sleep but no matter what I do I cannot make her take longer regular naps...
    On top of that I also seem to have gotten her used to feeding lying down and now she fusses and pulls away when I have her in the cradle hold position... This is concerning for me as I'm going home in a month and cannot lie down at an airport/on a plane to feed her. How do I get her used to the standard feeding position? Argh!

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    Default Re: 12 week old baby has green poos and fusses at breast

    Sorry your baby isn't sleeping long stretches at night! That would have been awesome. Anyway, it's normal for infants to sleep erratically and to wake frequently. As long as a baby is getting sufficient rest overall, it doesn't matter if she is sleeping for long stretches or short ones. Some babies are long nappers, taking just a few long naps every day, and some are cat-nappers, getting their sleep needs met in 5-20 minute increments throughout the day.

    It's totally normal not to see long sleep stretches at night. At this age, sleeping through the night is defined as a single 5 hour stretch of sleep, not the 8 hours adults expect and crave.

    Don't worry about the positioning thing. Just try offering in the cradle hold position a few times a day. When you're traveling, your baby will likely do what needs doing- they can be surprisingly flexible when they get the feeling that they don't have a lot of options!

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