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Thread: Baby BF every hour & going back to work

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    Exclamation Baby BF every hour & going back to work

    Help Friends,
    My LO has been BF every hour since she turned 3 weeks till now at 7 1/2 weeks. So what's going to happen when I go back to work in January. Will she need a bottle feeding every hour? And how many ounces will she be taking at every hour feeding? Should I have several ounces pumped for her?
    I'm scared about going back to work.

    Also, could her wanting to feed every hour be related to a poor latch? I'm not sure if I have a poor latch. She sucks well except that she does dose off and I have to wake her.

    At night she will go longer between feedings about 2-4 hours.

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    Default Re: Baby BF every hour & going back to work

    Don't worry. There are plenty of people who can help you and you will find a solution.

    There is a huge range of normal when it comes to feeding intervals. Some babies take little and often. It is possible that it might be related to a latching issue so it's definitely worth getting it checked out. A tiny adjustment after a very brief encounter with a LLL leader or a lactation consultant could make all the difference. I would recommend you find someone experienced to observe a feed.

    When you give bottles she'll probably take something like 2-4 oz. I very much doubt she'll be needing a bottle every hour. She'll probably be less likely to doze off as bottle-feeding is less effort (although obviously has other disadvantages). Coming to the breast every hour is also about comfort as well as milk. You could just prepare smaller bottles with 2-3oz in and her caregiver will have more on standby if they are needed.

    What are your arrangements at work for pumping? There are other places on the forum where you can talk to other mums about pumping and working - many do it very very successfully. You'll probably need a double electric pump but why don't you see what others recommend. It's worth planning now what your pumping regime will be and getting in a bit of practise in order to develop letdown techniques and also build up a stockpile of milk. You could also think about whether there's a way to meet with her for a breastfeed during the day (Some mums meet their baby at lunchtime).

    You will find a way as millions of pumping mums have.

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    Smile Re: Baby BF every hour & going back to work

    I agree with the PP. My LO is just a little older than your and she does the same thing from time to time. However, anytime we give her a bottle she takes about 3.5 - 4 oz and then will sleep for 3 or so hours before feeding to feed again. (She will sleep 3 hours after nursing if I would let her but then she wakes up very hungry and grumpy *biting* so I wake her to eat before she gets to that point).

    Have you started your LO on a bottle yet? Does she sleep longer between feedings?

    I too go back to work in Jan (on the 2nd) and I am dreading it. I never thought I would want to be a SAHM before but now I really wish I could. I warned my boss that my first week back to work I may be later every day because I know I will be a mess dropping her off.

    Gook luck and I can empathize with you.
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    Default Re: Baby BF every hour & going back to work

    Fist I just wanted to wish you luck with pumping whie you go back to work. It's not easy. Please make sure that your employer will help you to designate a private area where you can pump without any distrubance or distraction. And please be sure that they understand how important it is to you - and that they understand that you will have to pump several times a day. **supply & demand**.

    When I went back to work with DD#1, I only pumped 1 or 2 times a day and never got much milk, got stressed out, cried, and eventually gave up with the breast milk altogehter.

    I give you moms so much credit going back to work when you don't necessarily want to. Before I had DD#1, I was gung-ho about going back to work. When I got back, I only lasted 2 months and then I gave my notice. Thankfully I was able to leave my career and start my new career as a SAHM.

    Good luck & best wishes to you when you return to work in January!!

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    Default Re: Baby BF every hour & going back to work

    I have a couple suggestions that might help. If you have not started bottle feeding, do so as soon as possible. Pump one bottle a day and bottle feed her so she learns to eat from bottle or breast. If she doesn't take to the bottle right away you want to have time to practice.

    And start storing a little bit of milk. When I first tried to pump a bottle at night, I had a heck of a time. But once I had just one or two bottles pumped (after a couple days worth of pumping several times!) I decided to give her the bottle first thing in the morning so I could pump when I was fullest. Got two bottles the first try after that! So I could save one in freezer (flat ziplock Lansinoh bags) and could use one next morning. (got 30 4 oz bags saved this way in a month!)

    Also as far as pumping, for me I have learned that I don't really HAVE to pump at work because I can go nurse once at lunchtime. A couple of times I forgot the pump and had to go without. It just made it so I had more at lunch so she didn't get as hungry in the afternoon. I pump all she will need at daycare with my morning pumping. She gets a bottle in the am, and usually, but not always gets a bottle in the afternoon before I pick her up. I nurse at lunch and about 3 times before she goes to bed. A couple of times I couldn't see her at lunch and she took an extra bottle from the frozen stash - that time I definitely did have to pump from work, but it was just once at lunch.

    Not saying you shouldn't pump more, I think it's important to get your supply up and get your body used to a new schedule etc. But I have been doing this now for about 3 months and I am not having any problems keeping my exclusively breastfed girl happy and healthy and chubby. You can do it too!
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    Default Re: Baby BF every hour & going back to work

    Thanks for the advice. I've purchased a pump and my LO was able to take a bottle but it's hard to pump when she wants to feed every hour. I've just got to get the pumping in as part of my schedule. I'm going to try to do it in the morning like you mentioned.

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