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Thread: Is Bottle Feeding advisable ?

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    My son is 7 weeks old. I had a surgery done in my left breast due to breast abscess and there is very little milk in my right breast. I have been supplementing with formula milk. The doctor advised not to go with bottle feeding as it might choke or infect his ears. However, he doesn't seem to drink in the spoon and is quite comfortable with the bottle feeding.
    Cos of the nipple confusion he refuses to feed on my right breast as well. It could be because the supply is low and he excepts the same flow like how it is in the bottle .
    I have two questions.
    1. Have you ladies been feeding your kids with bottle .If yes, can you give me some tips on how to avoid things life ear infection or chocking.
    2. Secondly how do we avoid the nipple confusion ? Even if the supply is low, I would still love my baby to drink at least the little that comes in my right breast. Pls advice.

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    I believe it's about impossible to avoid nipple confusion if you give a bottle. This is why I use a lactation aid or a little tube I slip in my babies' mouths to supplement so everything comes from me, even if it's another mom's milk (I get some donor milk for my twins). Ear infection and choking can be avoided, though, by holding your baby and not letting them lie flat on their backs. Burp breaks and pauses are also important.

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    Nipple confusion is one of those bottle-feeding risks that you can't completely avoid. If bottle-feeding is necessary, you can mitigate the risks somewhat by making bottle-feeding as much like breastfeeding as possible. Use appropriate amounts- if the baby is drinking a couple of oz at the breast, she doesn't need more than an oz or two of supplement as a top-off. When it is time to bottle-feed, cuddle the baby close to your bare chest, and tickle her lips with the bottle nipple until she opens WIDE. That way you're not teaching your baby sloppy latch habits by slipping a bottle into a half-open mouth. Pause the feeding after about an oz or so, to give baby a chance to decide whether or not she is really full and also to remind her that feeding is a process with natural ebbs and flows, not a constant process of swallowing. Switch the baby from side to side while using the bottle. And finally, conclude the feeding with more time at the breast.

    Definitely keep the baby relatively upright when using the bottle, holding her in your arms and close to your body rather than having her lie flat. And keep the bottle as level as possible, so that the baby has to work to get milk from the bottle, instead of having the milk pour into her mouth.

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    Hi, on occasions when i needed to give a bottle to my first baby i got dad to do it. I hoped that the bab would associate just the breast with me. It worked well for us altho prob not that practical for everyone.

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    Because my partner was quite anxious about my first baby getting enough milk i reluctantly gave my baby some formula from a bottle. For my second i didn't even buy a tin of formula. In the early days there were some occasions where he seemed to be sucking constantly and i really thought he was hungry. I think what was happening was that my body was taking a little time to adjust to his demands for more milk and by him feeding more I produced more. I didn't give any formula and my body adjusted by producing more milk. I guess what i am saying is that actually by reducing the bottle feeds your baby will demand more milk from you and then your body will produce it. Another possible solution would be to pump some milk from the right breast. I found that this stimulated my milk supply. I have to say pumping wasn't easy with sterilizing the pump etc. Good luck.

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