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    This morning I did something that I feel may have been a big no-no. I gave my 3 week old son formula out of a bottle. I've posted in here a couple times and I have been trying really hard to breast feed. Some days it goes well and others it goes horribly. We finally (kind of) got the latch down, but now he refuses my right breast. He screams, kicks, and basically acts like I am hurting him anytime that I try to feed him on that side. I'm continuing to offer him that breast and trying to get him to latch on to it (he will take it in his mouth and spit it out and I'll put it back in and he'll spit it back out) but so far I haven't had too much luck so mostly I pump that breast while he's eating from the left side. He didn't do this a couple of days ago. I've been giving him my left breast when I finally give up on getting him to take my right breast and now my left breast hurts really, really bad. I guess this morning I just really felt like I needed a break and couldn't pump because my LO was screaming where he had just woke up so I broke down and gave him a bottle of formula. Will this completely disrupt my supply? Is there any recommendations on how I can keep my left breast from hurting so much and what can I do to get him to accept the right breast? Any information I can get will really help.

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    As long as you pump, (it does not have to be at the exact same minute) giving your baby formula will definitely not completely disrupt your supply. And one bottle is not going to do anything like that even if you do not pump.

    If, by three weeks old, a mom is still struggling so badly that she thinks she needs to supplement, has nipple pain, and baby is refusing one or both breasts, I usually suggest mom get hands on help (from a professional, if possible). IS this possible for you? Or have you already done that?

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    with LLLMeg.

    You might want to try a warm or cool compress on the left side, as a temporary comfort measure until you get in to see the LC.
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    Hugs mama, breast feeding is hard! I gave my older son some formula from a bottle a few times in the early weeks. He is 2.2 and shows no sign of weaning. Sometimes our sanity needs to be addressed to keep going.
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    Thanks so much for responding. I can speak to the LC at the local WIC office. He only refuses the one breast and has no trouble with the other. I've been pumping that one and giving him what I pumped after he's done nursing. He seems to be getting full. I did notice that my nipple on the side he does not like is much bigger than the one he likes. I still feel horrible about the formula and I hope never to get stressed to the point of doing that again. He goes Tuesday to see his pedi and check his weight gain so I've got my fingers crossed. I knew coming into this that breastfeeding was hard, but I really had no idea how hard. He's worth it though and I've been telling myself it will get easier. Going to start going to a bf support group that I found on this website next month so I hope that helps too. Thanks again for responding.

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    breastfeeding support group helped me so much. We had a ton of struggles, too.
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    can you see an ibclc through WIC for a one on one consult? You are managing very well but things would be so much easier if you could simply nurse your baby. If baby can nurse well on one side but refuses the other, that is very likely fixable with proper assistance.

    If you cannot find one on one lactation assistance via wic, i suggest, CALL your local LLL leader and see what she knows about resources in your area. Go to the meeting by all means but do not wait for a meeting to ask questions.

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    I will definitely call as soon

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