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Thread: Staying attached to the breast

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    Question Staying attached to the breast

    Hello mommies,

    My 12 month old daughter still nurses to sleep and used to unlatch herself and quietly go to sleep after I put her down in her crib. I'm OK with comfort nursing, which she still needs. And my husband and I are happy that about a month ago or so she finally started sleeping from 6:30 or 7 pm until 6-7 am.

    My husband and I would love to conceive again but since I'm still breastfeeding, it has not happened...hence the weaning is now officially begun. I don't know what I'm doing. I prefer to keep breastfeeding my baby, as we both still need it! And yet I also would love to get pregnant again soon. Any suggestions for this?

    So, my little issue is that my daughter refuses to unlatch herself and screams, cries, etc. every time it's nap time or bedtime. She falls asleep at bedtime within 5 minutes of crying and complaining but the worse is in the morning. She started waking up around 4 am and we'll go back and forth with nursing, unlatching, crying...trying to find a solution. I can't sleep with her nibbling on my breast and find myself more irritable. Our day officially begins between 6:30- 7 am and baby would come into bed with us at 6 am and nurse/play until we all rise, but now everything seems chaotic! I need help, please!

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    the general advice about weaning is if your kid is acting like yours is, then the weaning is happening too fast. now, sometimes, that's unavoidable, but most of the time it's best to just take it a bit slower.

    i'm not sure what advice to give you on TTC. there is no guarantee you'll get pregnant faster if you wean. how long have you been trying? your daughter is only 12 months, and average return of fertility is 15 months, i think even without breastfeeding (someone check me on that please). so it's entirely possible you could spend a nightmarish 3 months weaning your daughter and not be pregnant any sooner. many, many mamas get pregnant again while still bf. so there are just no guarantees here and you have to weigh your desire to continue nursing against your timeline for getting pregnant again and the built-in uncertainties of that timeline. also remember that most women lose most of their milk while pregnant (mine was mostly gone by 12 weeks, which is typical) so while you might be able to comfort/dry nurse through the pregnancy (lots of people do, but most people find it very unpleasant at least part of the time), she will likely not be getting very much nutrition during the pregnancy.
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