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Thread: Length of time without pooping

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    Default Length of time without pooping

    What's the longest your baby has gone without pooping?

    My baby is on day 18 (he's 3 1/2 months old). I've been reassured by my LC that as long as he's happy, tummy is soft, no discomfort, enough wet diapers, etc, it's normal. She said the longest she's seen is 18 days and 21 days, but has seen in texts up to 28 days. So I'm not worried. I just haven't encountered any other babies that have gone that long.

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    The longest my kids ever went was 7 days.

    I think our current record holder is LLLMeg's baby, who went 21 days. Correct me if I'm wrong, Meg!

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    My baby went 7 days once but she got very uncomfortable and continued to have issues so the pediatrician had to make some recommendations to "get her moving" so to speak. Once she went on solids though she became very regular and much more comfortable. My pediatrician said as long as she wasn't in pain it wasn't a problem but she was in pain and crying so we had to do something.

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    My baby has always been irregular but I don't think she ever went more than 7 days either. My husband says 5 and says she was extra fussy as a poop was approaching! Now that she's taking in more solids she sometimes goes once a day and sometimes it's every 2 or even 3 days still. We've always felt uncomfortable or worried about it at times, maybe because she's our first... I guess BF babies are all different in the poop department though

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    Well he finally went last night, not massive in quantity, but normal, and normal in color and consistency. So 18 days is his personal record I'm ok with once a week or week and a half, but after that I start to worry and wonder.

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    My baby still holds the record! 21 days! Whoot! That is the longest she went but it was typical for her to go a week or more. As Tom Petty says, The waiting is the hardest part.

    Definitely my baby also is much more regular since eating more solids. Usually goes at least once a day.

    Love that your pediatrician did not panic. Mine was the same, said just wait it out. baby seemed a little uncomfortable toward the end there (he he) but nothing bad enough to be a concern like twinsincity.

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    my baby too has been irregular, now she's 4 mo.there was once when 5 days she didnt poop and was fussy, passed gases big and loud and smelly. a auntie who is a nurse told me to do some stimulation, so i used vaseline and termometer then she pushed so hard. she was so happy after she did it, played and laugh even giggles. from then on, whenever she missed to pass for 3 days i immediately stimulate her only if shes in discomfort.

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