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Thread: Low milk supply???

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    Default Low milk supply???

    I have an almost 4 month daughter which I've been breast feeding since she was born. Although she was early 3 weeks and she has been always a small baby. Her weight percentile is on the lower side yet normal. The pediatrician still recommended me to stick just with BF since she seems happy and alert, also wetting and pooping diapers on a normal range.
    My issue is that I haven't been pumping in like a month, but just BF and this coming Saturday I have a work appointment and want it to leave my husband the baby with some breast milk, but I went to pump tonight and NO MILK CAME OUT! Why? I mean I'd already fed my baby her last meal of the day like 2 hours ago, around 8pm and she is been sleeping until around 7am for over a month now. Once in a while she'll wake up in the middle of the night and eat a little but it's not common. So maybe I'm not producing as much milk at night? I just don't understand why there was no milk coming out of the pump? Please somebody tell me is this normal? I might be not producing enough milk??????

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    Number one, trouble shoot your pump.

    If pump is in good order, try hand expression along with the pumping.

    It can take time/practice for a mom to be able to let down when pumping.

    Remember your baby is a healthy 4 month old, so a few hours without milk will do her no harm.

    Your milk production is probably different now than it was a month ago. Since you have not been pumping, you now make enough for baby, not too much. Anything you pump when exclusively nursing, is basically 'extra.' So, whatever you do, do not think pump output in such a situation necessarily has anything to do with milk production. It probably does not.

    On the other hand, long sleep stretches at night (baby this age regularly sleeping/not nursing 6 hours or more) CAN sometimes spell trouble for weight gain/milk production over time. Just fyi.

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    Default Re: Low milk supply???

    very common to be able to pump a lot of milk with ease in the early days, when most moms are overproducing to some extent, and then see output go way down as supply and demand come into sync. This doesn't mean low supply. It's just a pump issue.

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