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Thread: 6 week old not breastfeeding

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    I was breastfeeding while in the hospital with a nipple shield and was only able to get him to latch a couple times once we got home so I just settled for pumping to get him to take breast milk. Well I had a problem with my milk supply while pumping exclusively and have not pumped at all now for at least two weeks because I was leterally only getting drops after 20 mins with a double electric pump. Is it too late to meet with the LC at my pediatricians office and try breastfeeding again?? Is my milk supply gone for good now?

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    Welcome to the forum!

    There's no such thing as "gone for good" when it comes to milk production. The keys to making more milk are frequency and intensity of stimulation to the breast. That's why women can relactate (i.e. start making milk again after they have weaned) and why adoptive nursing is possible.

    So yes, definitely meet with the LC and discuss ways to get breastfeeding going again. What she should tell you is this:
    - You will need to put in some hard work and be very patient- relactation and getting baby back to the breast is not going to be an instantaneous thing.
    - You will need a good double electric pump with properly sized shields. A hospital-grade rental would be ideal.
    - You will need to pump frequently. Think a minimum of 8 sessions per day, with 10-12 being ideal.
    - If you can't pump that much, don't despair. Some pumping is always better than no pumping.
    - Start offering the breast to the baby ASAP. He may surprise you and take it.
    - If the baby latches on, allow him unlimited time at the breast. The more time he spends using the breast as a source of comfort, the more likely he'll bring in a good supply and start relying on the breast for nutrition.
    - Try the shield again if baby won't latch. Also, do lots of skin-to-skin contact, and try the other tricks in this link: http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/child/back-to-breast/
    - Consider alternate methods of feeding the baby formula or pumped milk, e.g. Supplemental nursing system, finger feeding, cup feeding, etc.
    - Keep the baby's bottles on the smaller side, since smaller bottles mean that the baby will be hungry more often and that will give you more opportunities to offer the breast.
    - Bottle-feed in a breastfeeding supportive way. That means you cuddle baby close to your bare chest, tickle his lips with the bottle nipple until he opens wide (no slipping a bottle into a half-open mouth- that's encouraging a sloppy latch), switch him from one side to the other halfway through the feeding, and pause the feeding after every ounce of so of fluid.

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    Thank you for the reply. This is very encouraging and I am glad that I might be able to get him BFing again.

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