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Thread: Weight Gain in 3 week old

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    My baby is 3 weeks old. He was full term, 8 lb 10 oz at birth and did a great job nursing as soon as he was born. He lost a normal amount of weight, then had started to regain at our first newborn checkup. We went back for his 2 week checkup and he had gained 3 oz in 10 days, so my pedi recommended feeding him more often. Went back today and he had lost an ounce (so he hasn't gained any weight in 2 weeks). Of course she recommended supplementing with formula. She said to try to give him 1 oz every other feed after he nurses. I really would rather not use formula.
    Does anyone have recommendations of what I could do? He seems to have a correct latch. He feeds every 2-3 hours and then is satisfied afterwards. However, he is only having 1-2 BMs a day (lots of wet diapers) and that makes me think he isn't getting enough or is not getting enough hind milk. I would appreciate any advice! I have to go back on Monday to check his weight.

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    If you are unhappy with your doctors recommendations, you can seek a second medical opinion. IMO your doctor is suggesting a reasonably breastfeeding friendly supplement protocol IF baby needs supplements, but does baby need supplements? Output & nursing frequency are not telling the same story as the recorded weight gain.


    All weight checks MUST be on the same scale with baby stripped down, done very carefully, and weight on scale including measurement units used visibly confirmed by you.

    Nurse more often. Nursing every 2-3 hours even if it goes on day and night with absolutely no longer stretches translates to 9-12 times per 24 hour day. Less than 12 times a day is not enough for some newborn babies. I would suggest, do not schedule feed, even if it is frequent. Instead, cue feed, and if baby is not nursing at least 10-12 times in 24 hours, offer more often.

    Try breast Compressions. Google jack Newman Breast Compressions

    1-2 poops a day is normal for some babies. How big are they?

    See an IBCLC to have breastfeeding assessed.

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    with LLLMeg.

    Just want to add that if you're going to supplement, the best way to do it is to use your own milk. This means pumping after feedings, which you should be doing when supplementing anyways. Every time the baby gets a supplement and therefore doesn't nurse again as soon as he otherwise would, your body is missing the message that more frequent nursing gives, which is "make more milk". So you use the pump to stand in for what the baby is unwilling or unable to do. You would want to use a good double electric pump with correctly sized shields, and pump as often as necessary to gain the milk for the supplements you are giving.

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