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Thread: Travelling without 11 month old -- milk dilemma

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    Default Travelling without 11 month old -- milk dilemma

    I'll be travelling for work when my baby girl is 11+ months. I was hoping to get enough breast milk stashed to cover the two weeks I'll be gone, but for a variety of reasons I don't think I'll be leaving her much at all. (Part of the issue is that she's been reverse cycling, so I just don't have as much milk available to pump during the day).

    I'm doing what I can to keep trying to pump and store, but I think she's going to need some supplement available to her. My breast-milk-savvy friends are all over the place with their thoughts on what I should do -- whole milk, formula, donor milk?

    It seems like it would be easier for her and my husband if I can make sure she will take the supplement before I leave, right? She does eat a few small meals a day, and will take some water, but she will still need her milk bottles for nutrition and comfort.

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    Default Re: Travelling without 11 month old -- milk dilemma

    Until a year, I think it makes sense to use either donor milk or formula if you're going to supplement. Not because there's something magical about the first birthday, but simply because babies are still growing and developing exceptionally fast at and around that point. And not because cow's milk is poison- it's just not recommended for babies under a year.

    I definitely would have her try the supplement before you leave. That way, if you find out she won't take it, you still have time to change your plans.

    Do you have a trusted source, if you're going to use donated milk?

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    Default Re: Travelling without 11 month old -- milk dilemma

    My suggestion would be to supplement with formula as cow's milk is very hard for babies under a year to digest...can also cause lesions in the bowels in some cases (at least this is what my Dr. told me). You can even mix the formula with the breast milk that you do have 1/2 & 1/2. This way your baby is still getting at least some of the benefits of breast milk while you're gone. But def try the formula before you leave as some breast fed babies will not drink it.

    Good luck :-)

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