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Thread: First 2 weeks and still not enough milk supply. *Depressing*

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    Default First 2 weeks and still not enough milk supply. *Depressing*

    I didnt expect that breastfeeding would be so depressing to do. Im still not getting enough milk supply until now. The pedia suggested to give him formula because on my 5th day, he got dehydrated and lost a lot of weight. right now she advised me to still continue to latch him and pump after every feeding. so I do that, I latch him, so he can have skin to skin with me but he always gets fussy, then i pump, pump, pump, but still express only about 5ml after 3 pumps. Im trying supplements now and I hope it will help. Im gonna give this another week but if nothing really happened I might just give up because if ill still continue, ill probably end up really depressed.

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    Default Re: First 2 weeks and still not enough milk supply. *Depress

    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on the new baby!

    Some questions for you which may help us pinpoint what is going on:
    - How was your birth? Did you have a vaginal birth or a c-section? Did you have a lot of bleeding? Was there any problem with the placenta detaching and being delivered? Did you have IV fluids?
    - How is baby's latch? Is it painful at all? When he nurses, is he active at the breast?
    - Do you have any preexisting health conditions or surgeries that might explain low supply. For example: PCOS, thyroid disorder, breast implant or reduction, previous breast surgery?
    - Are you taking any medications which could be impacting supply, particularly hormonal contraceptives?
    - How many times per day does baby nurse?
    - How many times per day do you pump?
    - What sort of pump are you using? (Make and model, new or used?)
    - How does pumping feel?

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    Default Re: First 2 weeks and still not enough milk supply. *Depress

    Hi, I know this is frustrating and depressing. I have been there with the pumping after every feeding and it is beyond exhausting. But this is very early days. These actions may or may not be needed now, but it certainly is not likely to be the way breastfeeding will always be. It is SO great you are looking for answers now rather than waiting.

    Mommal asks lots of great questions. It will really help us to know these things, as well as how much total formula baby eats each day and how much is in each bottle.

    Unfortunately, it is often the case that the first suggestion by a doctor when there appears to be a breastfeeding issue is to supplement and pump. Not only is this not always needed, it is something that will often make matters worse or at least, is very difficult for mom, even when it IS needed. When there is a breastfeeding issue of such severity that supplementing is considered necessary, the first course of action should be that breastfeeding be carefully assessed by someone who knows how to do that, and unfortunately, most doctor do not know how. So this usually means a consultation with an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)

    Besides seeking help and support here, have you looked into local assistance? Either local free breastfeeding support (such as local LLL) or seeing a professional IBCLC?

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    Default Re: First 2 weeks and still not enough milk supply. *Depress

    Hi Mommal,

    I had CSection and they gave me pitocin, epidural, morphine and fentanyl. I experienced a very long labor and ended up having emergency CS. the first 2 days at the hospital, he was latching very well, but then I dont have any milk that time even on my 3rd and 4th day. On my 5th day I still dont have any milk, so during my lactation appointment, he lost a lot of weight and was dehydrated. The doctor suggested to offer formula so he can regain his weight.

    the latch is not painful at all, when he latches, he always gets fussy after a few minutes due to lack of milk in my breasts.
    I dont have any preexisting health conditions you mentioned.
    Not taking any hormonal contraceptives too.
    I pump almost 5 times a day, 1 during the night. but sometimes I cant pump consistently due to lack of rest, the baby wants to be held sometimes and the baby just couldnt sleep right away.
    My healthcare provider let me borrow their hospital grade pump (Medela)
    When I pumped for the first time, my breast really became hard and sore and huge, it also feels hot. then after my next pumps, I was able to express some colostrum, about 20ml, then the next day 24 ml, but after the colostrum when its already colored like milk, it went down to 15ml, now, its only 5ml.

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    Default Re: First 2 weeks and still not enough milk supply. *Depress

    Hi lilmeg,

    where can I find this free local breastfeeding support?


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    Default Re: First 2 weeks and still not enough milk supply. *Depress

    for local LLL, at the top of this webpage, teeeny letters in gray, say 'find local support' - then in seach box, it says 'choose a country' and that is a drop dowm menu. Start there. If you cannot find anything near you, let us know.

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    Default Re: First 2 weeks and still not enough milk supply. *Depress

    Are your breasts still hard, or feeling very fulll, swollen, or hot? That indicates engorgement, and when the breast is engorged it can be difficult to get milk out.

    Is baby nursing at all? You say baby 'latches." Does baby nurse?

    Because it is very important that milk be removed from the breasts a minimum of 8 times a 24 hour day. Whatever amount there is, that milk must be taken from the breasts frequently. This is vital for encouraging normal milk production. This can be by baby or the pump, but one or the other (or in some cases, both) must be happening at LEAST 8 times per 24 hours.

    You are using a good pump. If you are unabel to get much milk out with that pump, hand expression can be added to the pump sessions.

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