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Thread: 10m and I think it might be over :(

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    Broke my heart to feel him nurse and then stop.
    But you can look at this another way. I think what happened was entirely normal. Baby got plenty to eat from the bottle, and then comfort nursed to sleep. 30 seconds of comfort nursing is better than none. This shows baby WILL still nurse and still equates the breast with comfort. This is very good.

    The rule of thumb for an exclusively nursing baby is baby typically needs between 1 to 1.5 ounces of breastmilk per hour of separation. So for a 9 to 9.5 hour separation, 10 ounces might well be entirely adequate, especially if baby is also eating solid foods during the day. However, this rule of thumb is based on baby nursing a normal amount when with mom. Which in most cases, would mean nursing overnight.

    because he normally sleeps 7:30p-6:30a without feeding.
    Ok, This is 11 hours of sleeping and not eating. Almost half a day of consecutive sleep! This is way longer than the 5-8 hours of consecutive sleep more or less typical for a baby over a year old, let alone for a younger baby. Some babies sleep long stretches and it is totally fine for that particular baby. But it is unusual. IF you are having milk production issues and IF baby has weight gain issue, this very long sleep stretch is almost certainly a factor if not THE factor.

    Mommal gives good suggestions for encouraging baby to nurse overnight. I agree it would be very helpful to nurse your baby a few times at night, and it is way easier to do this without losing much sleep yourslef, when sleeping with your baby.

    However, since you sound very tired and stressed, I would add this alternative option-are you sleeping 11 hours? If not, you could even increase the amount of milk into baby and your milk production, as well as encourage your baby to continue to nurse overall, by waking your baby up to nurse (or lying down with baby or gently picking baby up and encouraging baby to nurse in his sleep, most babies can and do nurse in their sleep) before you go to bed and not lose any sleep yourself. Would that be more pleasant and comfortable for you than pumping at night?

    Also as a general FYI, if a parent is using any baby sleep lengthening tactics, it may be possible to gently encourage baby to wake and nurse more overnight by eliminating nighttime swaddling, pacifier, and by sleeping in close proximity to baby.
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