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Thread: Lopsided!! Can this be rectified?

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    Default Lopsided!! Can this be rectified?

    My left boob is a good 2 sizes smaller than my right since breastfeeding. But only recently. As breastfeeding works on supply and demand if I nurse more on my left will they balance back out?

    He now prefers my right and I struggle to get him to stay on my left side :-(

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    Default Re: Lopsided!! Can this be rectified?

    Yes, the way to deal with lopsidedness is to increase frequency of stimulation to and milk removal from the underachieving breast. Offer the left side first at feedings- babies tend to be hungriest at the beginning of feedings and are consequently less picky about which breast they are offered. If that isn't enough to remedy the lopsidedness, pump the left in addition to nursing.

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