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Thread: Breastfeeding teething toddler, help!

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    My baby is 14 months, and previously only had 2 bottom teeth. Her top teeth have just started cutting through, and it is making nursing very painful. I can feel those teeth when she nurses, and I need suggestions on what to do. I try to relatch and reposition her, but nothing seems to help.

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    sorry for quick reply have to run,

    kellymom has good article on this. go to www.kellymom.com and read her biting article, She discusses teeth rubbing.

    What positions have you tried? Often toddlers/bigger babies it helps to change positioning so they have ‘room’ for a proper latch.

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    Thank you, that article was very helpful! I was having trouble finding information on the web because she isn't actually actively biting me, just scraping those new teeth on me.

    The most comfortable position for us is like a football hold, she lays on a cushion with her feet going up the back of the couch. Any other position, her latch feels really uncomfortable, even before the new teeth. She is getting very frustrated too, because I keep unlatching and telling her to open wide.

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    Hi ok I would also suggest, try to bring her to the breast in such a way the top teeth 'land' in a different spot, so it is not always the same place getting scraped.
    For example, my daughter once bit me so bad (in this case it was a real bite, and it was with her bottom teeth) I was injured and it hurt like crazy to nurse. The injury was on the under side of my nipple.

    So I laid down on the couch or bed, more or less flat, and brought her over my shoulder to nurse which essentially reversed her latch and allowed nursing to be comfortable while I healed.

    Other positions that work well for some moms and babies as baby grows are side lying and "laid back," (Mom reclined) with baby on top of mom, maybe straddling moms or wiht her bottom angled off to the side. The nice thing about laid back is you can adjust baby more easily and move the mouth around the "clock face" of the nipple. If that makes sense.

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