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Thread: 12 month old: weaning but doesn't like formula

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    Default 12 month old: weaning but doesn't like formula

    there is SO much different views on BM/Formula/COw's milk out there when baby reaches 12 mo...ahhh!

    exclusively BM for 1st 11 mo. intro formula about 2 wks ago. intro bottle w/ BM when she was 4 mo (working p/t). intro solids 6mo--she's good at solids I feel. she is almost 12mo. she is in 5th-15th %le; always has been and is a happy baby, wht gaining, and hitting all milestones.

    ok, so I'm weaning slowly off of BM...we're down to 3 feedings in 24 hrs, and I will most likely keep the 2 feedings (b4 bed/night-time) longer as long as we need it. However, I am concerned b/c we cut out 2 feedings (lunch + mid afternoon) but she doesn't really like the formula. she never really attached herself to the bottle. even when I had BM in the bottle she would sorta play w/ the bottle. she only maybe drinks 2-3 oz in those feedings (i.e. twice in the day if that). solids: three times daily; often 3 ice cube size veggies + some fruit (either made or solid chunks). she also gets yoghurt about 4 times a week (those "baby" portions) and egg yolk (obviously cooked) about twice a week.

    I know I've heard I can start on cows milk now...but Im worried it doesn't have all the "nutrients" as formula...but at the same time its not like she even drinks the formula....

    thanks for the help in advance

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    Default Re: 12 month old: weaning but doesn't like formula

    I agree that cow's milk doesn't have all the nutrients that breastmilk or formula does, so I think your choices at this point are:
    1. Increase breastmilk until the recommended 1 year minimum is reached
    2. Find a way to get baby to drink formula- maybe mix it into her solids?
    3. introduce bottles of cow's milk ahead of schedule and/or increase your baby's intake of other whole milk dairy products like cheese or yogurt

    The choices above are definitely in order of desirability. If #1 doesn't work for you, push ahead on #2. If #2 doesn't work and you're still unwilling to go back to #1, then you go ahead with #3.

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