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    I need help. Im breastfeeding my daughter who is 1 month old. We had to supplement in the hospital until a LC came in to see us and helped us out with proper hold/latch techniques. I have very large breasts with nipples that point downward so she showed me the football hold which I have been using all month.
    I am having several issues. my daughter wants to nurse all the time and whenever im not nursing her she is shrieking. all day and all night. Im home alone all day now because hubby went back to work and I cannot get anything else done. shower, eat,,,nothing. I keep feeling like Im doing something wrong because I cannot make or keep baby happy. My house is a mess, Im a mess and I haven't really slept in days. I haven't been able to eat anything but snacks I can prepare with one hand until my husband come home. I think the stress, exhaustion, and lack of nutrition is beginning to hurt my supply. Today I just sat on the couch and cried with my baby. My back is killing me, I cant do side by side nursing because of the shape and size of my breasts. Im terrified that I will suffocate her if I nurse without holding my breast so I never have a hand free... I have been thinking about supplementing with formula at night I finally went as far as have my husband bring home a can of formula but I feel so terribly guilty thinking about giving it to her. But I feel like shes hungry that's why shes crying all the time. I also pump when I can and give her a bottle so I can see how much she is taking in and she seems so much more satisfied after a bottle. We went o the doctor for her one month check up and she has gained weight so I know its not going as bady as I think. Im just so tired and so drained. I cant play with my baby because she cries to nurse if shes not sleeping. I know this is probably a sleep deprived ramble....I think I ay have had a question in there somewhere

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    I'm sorry you are having such a hard time. I know the feeling all too well.

    It seems that all babies under 3 months old only want to cry, eat,be held and (sometimes) sleep. If it helps at all I can tell you that most babies turn into "real" babies at three months. Meaning they start interacting and also figure out that there's more to life than just crying all the time.

    It gets better I promise.

    I would speak with an LC in reference to your nipple issue. A baby not latching on properly can cause issues with your milk supply.

    I hope this helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*hms828 View Post
    It seems that all babies under 3 months old only want to cry, eat,be held and (sometimes) sleep. If it helps at all I can tell you that most babies turn into "real" babies at three months. Meaning they start interacting and also figure out that there's more to life than just crying all the time.
    So true. Ever heard the term "the fourth trimester"? Basically what it means is that during the first 3 months of a baby's life on the outside, the baby is really more like a fetus than a baby. The baby is making an enormous transition from being in the womb, where he was held, fed, and comforted literally all the time, to the outside world, where he is sometimes hungry, wet, cold, gassy, lonely... The only way for a baby to deal with this big transition is to stay in mom's arms and at her breast more or less constantly.

    We all spend the first few months of our babies' lives on the couch, in our pjs, eating snacks, wondering if we'll ever see the floor again or eat off a plate that isn't made out of paper. The best way to deal with it is to make yourself a nest on the couch or in bed, with water, snacks, TV remote, and a stack of novels nearby. That way you can stay fed, hydrated, and entertained while you nurse the baby.

    This stage really does pass. A newborn is relatively weak, small, and uncoordinated, and those things make newborns tricky to nurse. You have to really work to position them, and often you have to hold the breast throughout the feeding. But this will change as your baby gets bigger and stronger and more adept. A 3 month old baby isn't going to need so much help with positioning, and a 6 month old baby will probably be able to latch on without you even having to look at her. A toddler will ambush you and latch on upside down and backwards! And of course, as the baby gets older she starts giving back- smiles, coos, gentle touches. All a newborn does is cream and poop.

    Some this that can buy you a little respite from the constant nursathon:
    - Sling- babies who are worn are usually more content than those who are put down
    - Swing or vibrating chair- the motion of the swing can sometimes sub in for mom

    When you have larger, softer breasts, you can sometimes prop them up by tucking a rolled-up washcloth or small pillow under the breast. That may allow you to nurse hands-free, at least some of the time. Reclined nursing positions are also great, because the baby is coming at you from above, and the breast can't sag down over her nose.

    ETA: this link has a good picture of a mom nursing reclined. It's the first image on the left- mom's wearing a white bra, baby's only wearing a diaper.http://www.allinahealth.org/ac/pregc...feed_positions
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