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Thread: 5week old rejecting breast??

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    Default 5week old rejecting breast??

    My little girl has been breastfed since day one and supplemented from about day 4 with out any issue until now. She gets usually 2 bottles a day with 2-4oz of formula as a top up and another 1-2 bottles at night only drinking about 2oz. In the last few days she will latch on well then pull herself either right off or or till she has only nipple in her mouth. I then take her off and latch again. This will happen repeatedly until she falls asleep. I have tried expressing and there is still milk there..maybe its to slow?? but why is this just starting now?? I Have started taking fenugreek pills for about a week and a half to try to increase my supply would that be giving my milk a taste she doesn't like???

    Also, every time she eats she sleeps. It is very rare that she will stay awake but when she does she keeps pulling off (once my letdown has slowed) if she has fallen asleep she will just keep nibbling. I'm sure this must affect my supply but i don't know how to keep her awake so that she is actively sucking and not pulling off of me. Any help is appreciated!!!

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    Default Re: 5week old rejecting breast??

    Hi and welcome to the forum! Congratulations on the birth of your baby daughter.

    Are you pumping when supplements are given? Supplementing is likely to cause a baby to nurse less than normal and that in turn harms milk production, so pumping and/or hand expression is needed when supplementing to try to offset that.

    Whether supplements are needed or not, this could also be what is typically called nipple confusion, or flow confusion, or sometimes (incorrectly) bottle "preference." This is a typical result of early/frequent bottles. Baby gets milk out of a bottle entirely differently than baby gets milk out of the breast, so when baby is getting both the breast and bottles, especially early on before baby has really learned to nurse & milk production is well established, baby eventually starts to struggle with nursing. This does not happen with all babies but it certainly happens with some and the issue is usually more apt to occur the earlier and the longer bottle feeding is done.

    It also could be your baby is simply not hungry at the breast because, with the supplements, baby is being overfed?

    Would these possibilities be consistent with what you are seeing or do you think it is something else?

    The above are sovable issues. But the first thing to understand is if the supplements are needed, 9or are still needed if they were early on) and if they are, if there is another way they can be given that is less likely to cause breastfeeding issues.

    Why are you supplementing with formula? And why the amount? 2 to 4 ounces is not a top off-that is a complete feeding.

    How many times a 24 hour day does baby nurse?

    How is weight gain and output (poops?)

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    Default Re: 5week old rejecting breast??

    with LLLMeg. It sounds like the supplemental bottles are causing problems right now. If possible, I think it would be wise to eliminate that variable from your nursing relationship. Once things are going more smoothly, you can reintroduce them, if you want.

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    Default Re: 5week old rejecting breast??

    Thanks for your reply!!
    I started supplementing because like with my first child I'm not making enough milk for them to thrive. My first child and this one would nurse literally around the clock (approx. 20 feedings a day) and still be crying and screaming for more. I tried only giving her an ounce after nursing if she was still hungry only to cause 4 not very wet diapers a no poop for two days. I know that i wont be able to nurse her exclusively and that is fine as long as she is full and healthy

    I'll try limiting her bottles for a day and see if i can get her happier with nursing again. I would like her to get the bit of milk i am making so I sure don't want her to loose interest in breastfeeding. Thanks again for your help!!

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    Default Re: 5week old rejecting breast??

    You started supplementing at just 4 days postpartum, right? A lot of moms don't even have their mature milk in at 4 days, so I'm not sure how you determined that your supply was inadequate at that point...? A baby can thrive on colostrum alone for around the first 5 days.

    That being said, have you looked for an explanation for your supply issues? Is there an underlying physical cause (e.g. breast surgery, hormonal issues, bad reaction to hormonal contraception) that is preventing you from having a full supply? How about a breastfeeding management issue (e.g. baby has a poor latch, over reliance on pumping, not using a good pump to replace bottle feedings)?

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