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Thread: Good weight gain, green stool?

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    Default Good weight gain, green stool?

    Hi! I am currently exclusively nursing my second daughter (while still nursing my older 21 m/o). My first daughter as an infant had the typical, bright yellow breastfed baby stools. My second daughter, currently 6 wks, has been a champion nurser from the beginning, but her stools are giving me pause.

    Like I said, she has been a great nurser from day one (latched on for a good hour right after birth), had gained a pound from birth weight by 2 week appointment, and nearly another pound by 1 month check up. She also has a good disposition, generally in a good mood, only really fussy when she is tired (though she nearly always fusses when tired after an hour awake). I do a lot of baby wearing, especially when chasing after my older one, and she is perfectly content to be along for the ride.

    My question, though, is that for a while now I have noticed that her stools are mostly green. The first few days after my milk came in she got the more yellow stools, but for a few weeks now they have been mostly green or yellow green. I don't really remember when it started, probably because at first I didn't pay it much attention since on occasion my older daughter got them as well, especially when she did a lot of 'snacking' and only really got foremilk. With this daughter, though, most of the stools are greenish, which is what has me concerned.

    Everything I have read indicates that green stools most often indicate a foremilk/hindmilk inbalance or an intolerance to something in mom's diet. I have already given up dairy, basically since she was born, for other reasons. I have also been trying to do more block feeding, or at least two feedings from one breast, since noticing this, so far though they are still greenish.

    Also, this will probably sound really odd, but how do you tell if the stool is 'mucus-y'? I have been analyzing her diapers since realizing they were nearly all green and the vast majority are seedy. I have been trying to figure out if they are mucus-y because sometimes they seem slightly gelatin-y, as in it moves like when you pull out the diaper (sorry if tmi), but I am not sure if that is just the normal consistency.

    Anyways, if someone could give me some guidance about if this is something to be concerned about given her weight gain and disposition or what else I can try?

    Thanks so much.

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    Default Re: Good weight gain, green stool?

    I would not be concerned about it at all if weight gain is good and baby seems content. I don't know how to describe a mucousy diaper except to say that if you had one you'd know it. It looks like someone has emptied their sinuses into your baby's poop. And even if it were mucousy...I'd still tell you that if weight gain is good and baby seems content you don't need to be doing anything to 'fix' it because there's not really anything wrong. I would probably not even be doing the block feeding. Block feeding is meant to reduce supply so unless you have pretty severe oversupply going on, bad enough to be interfering with breastfeeding (which it doesn't sound like), I would not block feed.
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    Default Re: Good weight gain, green stool?

    When weight gain is normal, green poops can be considered a normal variant.

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