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Thread: meal plans for breastfed 13 month old?

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    Default meal plans for breastfed 13 month old?

    Hi All--

    My DD just turned 13 months. She nurses probably 8-10 times a day. I'm curious to see some sample meal plans that others use. She has become VERY picky with what she eats (this is new) but is always asking for food. She does take cow's milk when we're apart half of the work day. I'm just wondering how much she needs to be eating if she is still nursing (and some healthy, quick options!).

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    Default Re: meal plans for breastfed 13 month old?

    I think with nursing that often, it's not something you need to worry too much about. She's still getting what she needs from your milk. So offer healthy meals and snacks, but if she doesn't eat them there's not need to be concerned. At this point, you can pretty much offer her whatever you're eating as far as meals, assuming you eat relatively healthy. Meals my kids liked at that age were things like pasta with a little bit of sauce (using less sauce is more about the mess than the content ) or just butter and parmesan, steamed, roasted, or sauteed veggies, Beans and rice, they still eat a ton of fruit (if I'm serving a veggie I know they probably won't eat I will put a little on their plate and give them fruit as well), sandwich fixings. For snacks we did a lot of fruit, raisins, crackers with cheese or nut butter, my daughter LOVES toast with jelly (cut into strips when she was little), cheerios or chex or whatever little finger cereal your lo likes.
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    Default Re: meal plans for breastfed 13 month old?

    My baby daughter is 14 and a half months old. Our meal plan is, I nurse on request and it is probably at least 8 times a day, (I lose count at night) and we offer manageable bits of the food the rest of the family is eating at regular mealtimes and (sometimes) at snack times. So, say 3 times a day, sometimes two, I will actually put her in the high chair and offer food. If we are out and about or outside or the high chair feels too ‘formal’ for whatever reason, I will offer her a bit of cheese or banana I bought along or whatever is around. I offer her a few tiny pieces or 'spears" of food at a time. When she finishes what is on her tray, I give her a bit more. How much she takes at a given 'meal' varies from pretty much nothing at all to a meal the approximate size/weight of 3 Tablespoons or so(?)

    When what the rest of us are eating is not appropriate or not something she will eat, I offer her bits of meat like 'natural' (no additives) turkey and ham, cheese and plain unsweetened yogurt, soft fruit (berries, banana, pear, peach, plum.)

    I used to make her special steamed cooked/softened veges (carrot, butternut squash, potato, sweet potato) but she hardly ever ate them. Veges became such a struggle with our older kids I have started putting purreed or finely shredded veges in our meals (taco meat, spagetty sauce, sloppy joes, meatloaf) and putting them in stews and also things like muffins and pizza crust and she mostly gets them that way like the rest of us. The only regular vege dish everyone eats is a really easy broccoli florets dish- broccoli drizzled with olive oil and low sodium soy sauce baked in the oven at 400 degrees for about 10-15 minutes. I do not like her getting so much sodium so I will wash hers off first, or you could skip the soy sauce or season another way. cauliflour is good made the same way.

    I have to say I highly recommend the book My Child Won't Eat. It has so much common sense and has eliminated much of the stress I used to feel about how much and even what my kids eat.

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