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Thread: 11 month old drinking 7-10 oz of water/day

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    Default 11 month old drinking 7-10 oz of water/day

    Hi all,
    My 11 month old son has recently been drinking a lot of water from his sippy cup. Maybe about 7-10oz/day (maybe more??). He is VERY active, and 80th percentile in height and weight. He also nurses every 2 hours and probably gets around 24 oz a day from me (just a guess here). He loves solids as well and eats heartily. His poops and wet diapers seem totally normal. My question is, should I continue to let him drink water as he wishes, or should I possibly consider introducing cows (or goats) milk a bit early so he has something a bit more nutritious? I don't feel like he really needs more calories, but maybe I am wrong. I really do not want to start giving him formula at this age.... Thanks for the assist!

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    Default Re: 11 month old drinking 7-10 oz of water/day

    He should be getting plenty from your milk and I think water is fine when they're eating that many solids. I wouldn't introduce a non-mommy milk at this age. You can always give cheese and yogurt but no it doesn't sound like he needs something other than mommy milk and water.
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    Default Re: 11 month old drinking 7-10 oz of water/day

    7-10 oz of water a day sounds like a LOT to me, for that age. i would be wary, personally, and cut back on the access to the sippy in favor of more nursing (not formula or other milk for another month or so). especially since it's not the peak of hot season (right? unless you're Southern Hemisphere?).
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    Default Re: 11 month old drinking 7-10 oz of water/day

    This article talks about water for babies and why too much might be a problem. http://kellymom.com/nutrition/starti...ds/baby-water/

    Is he actually drinking that much, or is that what is in the cup? My 14 month old still spills most of her water from the sippy. She actually does (slightly) better with an open cup. We only offer water at ‘solid’ meals, and we keep it a very small amount because it mostly gets poured all over the place.

    If your baby is really drinking that much, I would also suggest try limiting how much water your child drinks and see what happens. Offer small amounts of water only at solid meals, an ounce or so, and if he asks for the sippy other times, give it to him empty. He may just love his sippy and want to bite and play with it.

    It is unlikely he actually needs that much water as breastmilk should basically take care of his needs there. Some kids just love drinking from a cup. If you think he is drinking from a cup due to needing more hydration/nutrition he is somehow now getting from nursing, what about pumping and putting your expressed milk in the cup? I don't really think this is needed, but if you do, there is no doubt that your milk is much, much more nutritious and appropriate biologically than any other milk. And breastmilk is perfectly balanced to provide the right amount of hydration.

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