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Thread: Question about Mastitis

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    hi ladies so I'm not sure if I have it or not. Last night I fed LO and then went to shower after I was putting her to sleep and I felt a lump on my right breast more towards the bottom and closer to rib. It's sore to touch and still hard. <br />
    Last night I put a hot compress on it but still no relief I fed LO on the right side to see if maybe she could clear a possible "clog" so this morning before hubby left to work I told him to feel it.. And he's like omg babe get it checked out adapt maybe it's breast cancer ( have had many ppl we know go thru it this year). I told him relax it may be a clog but who am I to know!! <br /><br />
    My nipple is white but not sure if this is normal or not. Now LO is 3 months and never experienced this before. Of course hubby's comment got me worried. <br /><br />
    I haven't seen my regular dr in years. I called my OB he openss at 10 but would he even be able to diagnose me? If not then who do I see? <br /><br />
    All the info on the web also has me confused. <br /><br />
    I still have a hot compress on it and I tried to pump after feeding but got about 10 drops.<br /><br />
    Any suggestions on what to do? <br /><br />
    Don't want to think about breast cancer but would a lump develope that quick? <br /><br />

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    Default Re: Question about Mastitis

    It sounds what you have is a plugged duct, possibly due to a bleb/milk blister. It's unlikely to be breast cancer.

    Feed through the pain (I know it hurts like crazy, have had milk blisters that backed up in the past) and if it isn't clearing and you have a pump you might wanna try and use that too/instead. Hot compresses before/during feeding and pumping and cold when not. Massage the area affected or use a wide toothed comb overview in a nice hot shower. I'll add a link to Kellymom with more tips!

    Mastitis is an infection linked to a blockage. If you get a temperature or fever it is likely to be infected and need antibiotics but often you can clear the blockage and be fine!

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    Default Re: Question about Mastitis

    I think it's really rare for a breastfeeding woman to develop breast cancer. I agree with PP that it's probably a plugged duct. Those are common and really not dangerous. If you feel ill then it could be mastitis but it doesn't sound like you have that. Mastitis comes with fever, chills, feeling really crummy. If you touch it and it hurts it's probably this clogged duct and the best way to deal with it, in my opinion, is to massage it like crazy (it should hurt like mad if you're doing it right) just after a shower, and anytime before nursing and after nursing. If you can do it DURING nursing is even better. If you see a white dot on top then you're lucky because you can prod it out gently with a sterilized needle and the backed up milk will all come out quickly.

    Lots of people warn that if you don't deal with it like ASAP you will most certainly develop mastitis, but it's not necessarily true. I've had them last for a few days before clearing up and it never caused mastitis. (I got mastitis once without having had blocked ducts).
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    It sounds like a plug. Heat may not be the best thing in that case, the thinking is changing a bit on that. Cold compresses and vibration (like an electric toothbrush) may help if heat and massage is not. Some times, plugs are cleared just by having baby nursing lots and maybe adjusting babies nursing position. More ideas: http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...plugsblebs.pdf

    Plugs can last for many days.

    Plugs are clearly linked to mastitis and vice versa, but of course both can and do happen entirely independently as pp points out. Signs of mastitis are fever, aches, shivers- like you have the flu. If a mom has a plug,. it is probably a good idea to get lots of rest and not over do, as being overly tired and rundown leaves the body more open to infection- mastitis.

    Of course it is highly unlikely to be breast cancer. But, while having breastfed lowers the overall risk of breast (and other) cancers for ones lifetime, lactating mothers can and do get breast cancer -but it is very rare- at least in part, because lactating mothers are usually younger than the typical age of onset of breast cancer.

    IMO a mom should never put off seeing her doctor if something appears out of the ordinary. Having never had a plug before, since you are concerned, it is not going to hurt to see your doctor, as long as they understand what a plug is and do not unduly alarm you. I imagine your OB knows how to perform a breast exam but she may have no knowledge of the lactating breast, which is true of many doctors.

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    Default Re: Question about Mastitis

    Lumps in the breast that occur during lactation are almost always related to lactation.

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