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Thread: Latch/Unlatch 10.5 months old

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    Default Latch/Unlatch 10.5 months old

    I'm having a hard time breastfeeding my 10.5 months old lately. I don't know what the problem is. He is always fussy (well he's always been. He fits Dr. Sears description of the high needs baby to a T.) He used to nurse to sleep fine and during the day also, but lately i can't bring him to nap with the boob. He prefers my husband to go to sleep. He also constantly latch/unlatch and seems unsatisfied. He does have a lip tie, but it never seemed to really be a problem before. I think he is getting molars right now so it could be teething pain. He sucks so hard it hurts. Yet i don't always hear him swallow, which is my only indication as to if he's feeding or not as i've never felt my let down. Could the let-down be too slow? Could my milk supply be dropping? Is he starving? Is it the beginning of weaning? I just don't understand this behavior. I have never been really good with a pump and he has never taken to a bottle so i don't know how I could feed him pumped milk or formula that way (i hate the idea of formula but if i have to consider it, I will) I was hoping to make our breastfeeding relationship last a long time but lately we are struggling way too much, i'm exhausted and fed up. Could somebody please give me advice?

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    Latching/unlatching can be a lot of things. Distractibility, teething, an effort to get the breast to deliver the baby's preferred milk flow. Best thing to do is to power through it and offer the breast frequently and try to make nursing as relaxed an experience as possible. It may help to nurse baby in a darkened, low-distraction environment, like a bedroom with the shades drawn.

    How often are you nursing in a 24 hour period? Is baby getting a lot of solids or bottles?

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    Could you be pregnant? Sometimes lowered supply, nipple pain, and a fussy baby are the first symptoms a nursing mother notices.

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