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Thread: Supplementing the Frequent Eater?

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    Well, my 4 month old daughter is another snacker. She's exclusively breastfed and nurses about every hour for only 5 mins at a time. She is gaining wait perfectly and has regular diaper output. However, she does seem to spit up an awful lot.

    I've read other posts about frequent nursers and agree that it's the best thing that I feed her on demand, regardless of how it may inconvenience me sometimes. My pediatrician also said that there is a wide range of "normal" in 4 month old eating habits and that it's not a big deal.

    The only thing that really is bothersome is that she wakes up 3-4 times a night still and that makes for one tired mommy!!! She suggested that I could try supplementing her with some baby rice cereal once a day to try to keep her stomach a little fuller. But then she said that could just trick her and into thinking she's getting what she needs instead of actually fulfilling her needs. So I've been torn and was wondering if you had any input? Thanks

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    Well, the AAP is pretty clear on this matter now--they don't recommend solids until baby is at least 6 months old.
    Scientific research has also indicated that the early introduction of rice cereal has no impact on baby's sleep habits. So if you're only thinking about introducing the cereal in the hope of eliminating night wakings...that's probably not actually going to be what happens!

    Would tips on maximizing the sleep opportunities you do have be helpful for you? I know how tough this can be. 3-4 night nursing sessions would actually be an extremely low frequency night for my daughter!
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    baby rice cereal is not very nutritious any way. The people ( a minority) who are pro early solids generally recommend more nutrient dense solids anyway, like avocado which has good fats in it. I really don't think 3-4 times/night is abnormal. Can you nurse right before you want to go to sleep? I'm not saying early solids because realistically not much will end up inside of her at this age anyway. We started early with DD and I'm not advocating it but she was 5.5 mos before anything really got in her anyway and we're waiting till 6 mos with our twins who are 4 mos.
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    Default Re: Supplementing the Frequent Eater?

    It's not recommended, and is also highly unlikely to change your child's very normal sleep patterns. Nothing to be gained, and clearly even the doc is on the fence about her own advice.

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