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Thread: Breastfed toddler poop: My daughter’s new normal

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    Default Breastfed toddler poop: My daughter’s new normal

    So I wanted to mention my personal experience with something, because I know it is hard sometimes to find others who are nursing toddlers to compare notes with.

    My daughter is almost 15 months old, nurses on cue (If I had to guess I would guess, at least 8 times a 24 hour day, probably more often.) and also is offered solid foods about 3 times a day and also whenever she "asks," which she has just this week really started doing outside of mealtimes. Solids were introduced at 7 months.

    About 2 months ago, my daughter started a worrying 3 week long bout of diarrhea. Here is the thread about that experience. http://forums.llli.org/showthread.ph...n-13-month-old

    Prior to the diarrhea, at about the 11 month mark, her poops had started to be rather firm and, well, in general, looking more like a typical ‘poop.’ She pooped about once a day, skipping a day here and there but sometimes pooping twice in a day.

    The change in consistency to basically firm and roundish was nice as we cloth diaper, and if you also cloth diaper, you know why firm round poops are much easier to deal with. This is probably why I noticed the change so much.

    Well of course, the diarrhea meant that 1) she was suddenly pooping about 8 times a day, and 2) the poops were incredibly watery & what you expect diarrhea to look like.

    So jump to now, well over a month since the diarrhea cleard up entirely. She is clearly no longer in the least bit ill. And she has been back to the former pooping pattern of about once a day.

    But her poops continue to be quite smushy, looking like they did when she first started solids-which means, mostly like a typical very moist and smushy “breastmilk poop,” but slightly thicker as she is only pooping at most once a day, and with bits of some of the food she eats clearly evident.

    I think that what may have happened is that when she was ill, she nursed very frequently, which I believe is what kept her from over becoming dehydrated or losing weight when she was ill. This frequent nursing upped my milk production, and this continues to be evident in her poops.

    I am not worried about this, at all. Aside from poop diapers not being as easy to deal with, this is not a 'problem." My daughter is clearly very healthy. We see the doctor on Friday for her 15 month appt, so we see how weight gain has been but I am not in any way concerned. I do not worry about how much breastmilk my daughter gets, (have no worry it is somehow too much) nor do I worry about how much solid food she eats (that it is somehow not “enough.”) But I know in our society today, what and how much a toddler ingests is something of an obsession, and if things have not changed since I had my oldest child, poop "look" is also a typical parental obsession, so I wanted to mention my experience as it reflects something I certainly WOULD would have worried about with my older kids.

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    Default Re: Breastfed toddler poop: My daughter’s new normal

    so glad things FINALLY cleared up! we had a similar experience of reverting to close-to-breastmilk-poops in my 17 month old when he had parainfluenza for a week & only nursed (kept us out of the hospital except for the last 48 hours). go toddler nursing!
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