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Thread: Fertility question: Short luteal phase & BFing 23-month-old

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    Default Fertility question: Short luteal phase & BFing 23-month-old

    Hi everyone,
    I'm currently breastfeeding my 23-month-old and have started to think about having baby #2. I've started charting my basal body temperature again and, while I am definitely ovulating (and getting a positive on my ovulation predictor kit), my luteal phase is has only been 9 days the past two months. I assume it's because of my high prolactin levels. Does anyone have insight or experience with this? It's my understanding that I could have a fertilized egg, but it wouldn't have time to implant because my luteal phase is too short...


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    Hi kmmpls. I do not have experience specifically with a short luteal phase, but I do have experience with trying to get pregnant & charting while nursing.

    Are you actively trying to get pregnant and if so, for how long have you tried? When did you begin to have a period after having your 23 mnth old? Did you ever chart before getting pregnant or do you have a history of difficulty conceiving? Are you feeling worried about conceiving soon for some reason?

    Breastfeeding can suppress fertility, but typically that is due to preventing ovulation at all. As many moms on this site can attest, once a mother is ovulating, even if nursing a much younger baby, she often can and does get pregnant.

    So I would suggest there is no reason to assume a short luteal phase is due to high prolactin or that breastfeeding has anything to do with it. it may, but it may well not. If you are worried and feeling pressured time wise and do not feel you can wait to see if this rights itself in a few months, you can be tested. Unless I am mistaken what you really need to know is if you have low progesterone.

    If you do, you could ask your hcp if that can be addressed with progesterone supplements and/or vitamin B6?

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    I have experience with this. I can't prove it was from breastfeeding but I did have confirmed low progesterone and multiple miscarriages while breastfeeding. People will jump up and down and say there's not a link and I know women who nurse their whole pregnancies with no problems but I personally cannot do this. My OB said 3-4% of women will have true luteal phase defect. It's quite rare but does happen. A 9 day LP may be long enough, though since if you were PG it would automatically lengthen. I wouldn't personally feel comfortable with TTC like that without consulting with a good OB who understands infertility. I ended up having to go on Clomid to carry to term/get past the first trimester without miscarriage.
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