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Thread: Breastfeeding break - is it possible?

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    Default Breastfeeding break - is it possible?

    So I've been BF my LO and she's almost 9 months old now. With my ODD, I nursed for 18 months. Wanted to do the same for this LO too. However this time I am not sure I can.

    I have psoriasis and it has been real bad since after this pregnancy. And the last couple of weeks, the psoriasis patches on my nipples have started to crack. It hurt but I kept nursing. Till today. This morning the cracks are so bad, I can see flesh and it's bleeding. It's almost like the nipple is going to tear away from the breast. The last couple of weeks, it would heal a little between feeds but every time she nursed, it would open afresh. I can't do this anymore. It hurts SO bad. even my clothes against my breasts are enough to make it hurt. It hurts to carry LO or even walk sometimes. I need to stop as much as I don't want.

    DH went out a bought a box of formula and a bottle. Going to start now and hoping she'll take to it. I hate it because I have always been such an advocate for bf.

    Now my question - I still want to nurse. If I take a couple of weeks off to let my breasts heal, can I get back to nursing after that? Has anyone stopped and resumed after a couple of weeks? And no I cannot pump to keep my supply up. It's just not possible with my tears.

    Please give me your suggestions/thoughts. I am in terrible pain and starting to get depressed

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    Default Re: Breastfeeding break - is it possible?

    Before the year point it's usually difficult to maintain supply with an abrupt cold turkey stop. Also doing so is also dangerous because it can lead to engorgement and mastitus. Do you have a pump? How do your nipples react to the pump? Could you do some pumping to avoid engorgement, maintain supply and also feed it to her? So she is getting some milk? I am not suggesting you pump enough to feed her all her meals. I understand that what you are looking for here is time to heal. But how often is she nursing a day? Could you pump half that many times? Your supply would still take a hit and you would need to work to get it back up to snuff. But at least you'd still have A supply to rebuild.

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    Default Re: Breastfeeding break - is it possible?

    No matter how awful what you're experiencing is, WRT nursing, you do not want to add engorgement or mastitis to it. So don't stop cold turkey. You need to move that milk out somehow.

    Are you sure this is psoriasis? Thrush or bacterial infection can create cracks and extreme pain.

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    Default Re: Breastfeeding break - is it possible?

    Have you been to a dermatologist to confirm diagnosis and see about treatment options? Have you used any products on your nipples? Sometimes moms react to these and the symptoms get worse instead of better. Are you using laundry detergent that is all natural and completely dye and scent free? Sometimes moms react to the softening drier sheets, also. Some moms will react to something that the baby has been eating and find it helpful to make sure there is no food residue in the baby's mouth before he nurses and or carefully rinse the nipples with saline water after nursing. Perhaps wearing breast shells made for sore nipples would help some--at least your clothing would not be rubbing against your damaged skin. Perhaps pumping is not your only option if you take a nursing break to heal. Some mothers are very successful with hand expression. There are good videos online that show techniques. One can be found at http://newborns.stanford.edu/Breastf...xpression.html

    Hope you feel better soon!

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