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Thread: desperately searching for help to reteach 16 month old to nu

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    Default desperately searching for help to reteach 16 month old to nu

    hello! I have a 16 month old son. I am desperately seeking for help with trying to teach my baby how to nurse again. I long for the bond that we had and I really want him to gain the nutritional benefit. when We stopped nursing at 9 month due to breast surgery. I feel awful for stopping and really want to reteach him how to nurse. I'm very serious about this and I actually purchased a lactaid nurser as well as a breast pump. I so want this. I want this so bad! Does anyone have any tips or pointers on how to reach teach a 16 month old how to nurse? please please please anyone someone help me! I'm ready to devote all of my waking hours to this! Heck, I'll even wake up in the middle of the night and pump!! :-)I seriously can't remember ever wanting something so bad for my baby! I know that this is what is best for him and I'm willing to put forth the effort I just need to be pointed in the right direction. Thank you in advance for your help and input!

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    Hi Tasharandall and welcome to the forum!

    So are you attempting to relactate (bring back in a milk production AND bring baby to the breast? I am a little unclear on that.

    Relactating involves stimulating the breasts and removing any milk that is produced frequently. How frequently will depend on what you can do, of course. I think pumping 8 times a 24 hour day would be a good amount to attempt but if that is not possible, you do what you can.

    If your pump is a double sided electric that is best. Have you ever pumped before? It is very important the flanges fit you correctly and pumping is comfortable.

    Frequency is more important than length of pump session. Start out pumping about 20 minutes per side (you can do both sides at once of course if you have a double sided pump.)

    Learn to hand express. Hand expression can really help with encouraging a milk flow, as can breast compressions.

    Consider galactagogues.

    Read the book Making More Milk.

    For teaching baby to nurse- what happens now when you offer your breast, or just get close to your child with your breast available? Does your child show any interest or curiosity? Does he look at your breast, touch your breast, play with it, lick it? Mouth it? try to latch? Can he latch but it feels "off?" Does he try to nurse but stops shortly because there is no milk? Or is he sucking but giving up over time? No matter where you are on this spectrum, there are things to try to encourage/help baby move along toward nursing again. I don’t like to sue the word teach because I don’t think that is exactly what you are doing. It is more like re-awakening the instincts that have been directed away from nursing by the months of bottle feeding. This is why it is very helpful to offer the breast when baby is unhappy, fussy, hurt, tired, just waking, falling asleep, sleeping, etc. These are times instinct can most easily arise and help. “Comfort nursing” often comes first. Of course once he is attempting to latch, you can show him how by opening your mouth wide, adjusting his position on/beside you, detaching & relatching etc.

    You might look around at adoptive nursing websites or blogs, there are many ways to help a child come back to the breast. I would suggest the at the breast supplementer is a great idea but may not help much until your baby can latch and nurse. However, I have seen mothers use the supplemented to train bottle fed babies to the breast by threading the tubing into a regular bottle nipple, and holding that on their breast, to get the child used to a the fel of skin and a "nursing" position. Later they graduate to a nipple shield used the same way and finally the breast. But this was a case of an adopted toddler who had NEVER nursed. I am just showing how there are many possible paths.

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    Default Re: desperately searching for help to reteach 16 month old t

    Hand expression http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...expression.pdf

    Pumping log: this is for a mom with a newborn, but I suggest it because it lets moms easily mark off every time they pump, rather than worrying about an exact time, which is more natural anyway http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...umpigchart.pdf

    Encouraging baby to nurse again: http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/child/back-to-breast/

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    hey Meg!first let me apologize for any typos that may pop in this post. I am talking to my phone as I type this so that I can have a free hand for the baby. I am attempting to relactate page and

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