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Thread: 15mo lost interest and supply dwindling

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    Default 15mo lost interest and supply dwindling

    Hey mamas,

    So we have made it to 15months thanks to you all and I'm hoping to go for even longer!

    My issue right now is that my son seems to have lost interest in nursing unless it's before bed or the occasional overnight wake-up.
    I work during the day so he gets water from a cup, but in the afternoon and on weekends I'm constantly trying to get him interested and he just doesn't have the attention for it and prefers his cup.

    At night it's a different story--he will lay and nurse as long as I'll let him

    I can definitely tell my supply has dropped drastically and I'm side he's barely getting any substantial amount of milk.

    Is this okay? Should I be trying to build my supply or just let it be?

    Thanks ladies

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    Default Re: 15mo lost interest and supply dwindling

    What you do now is up to you. If you think that increased supply would result in more nursing and you want your child to nurse more, and you're willing to pump- then pump. If you don't want to pump, or if you're not that wedded to the ideal of getting your child to nurse more, or if you think your baby wouldn't nurse more even if you had more milk- then no pumping or other supply-building interventions are necessary.

    Basically, with an older baby, how you manage supply and weaning is a lot more flexible than with a baby who is less than a year old.

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