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Thread: To Block Feed or Not to Block Feed?

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    Default To Block Feed or Not to Block Feed?

    Blog post from Nancy Mohrbacher on block feeding:

    Block Feeding Dos and Don'ts

    She says it's normal for newborns to have some trouble keeping up with the flow of milk, and it's not necessarily a sign of OALD or oversupply.

    It takes practice and maturity for babies to learn to coordinate sucking, swallowing, and breathing during breastfeeding. Some episodes of milk flow struggles and pulling away are completely normal and are not necessarily signs of OALD or oversupply.
    If oversupply is truly the problem, baby will gain weight rapidly. Nancy Mohrbacher recommends block feeding only be considered if baby is gaining more than 7–8 ounces (>200g) per week or 2 lbs per month.

    If breastfeeding is going well, during the first 3 months, most babies gain on average about 2 lb/mo. (0.90 kg/mo.). If baby’s weight gain is double this or more, block feeding for no longer than 1 week makes sense. If baby’s weight gain isn’t this high, it is likely that block feeding will cause more problems than it solves.
    She suggests nursing "uphill" if weight again is average, but your baby is having trouble with the flow.

    What can you do if your baby’s weight gain is average but she is struggling with milk flow during breastfeeding? The best strategy is using feeding positions that give baby more control over flow.
    See her post Some Ins and Outs of Laid-Back Breastfeeding for more about uphill nursing positions.

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    Default Re: To Block Feed or Not to Block Feed?

    good. I have been going bananas with this attitude of throwing block nursing at every problem. (Baby spits up, block feed. baby poops green, block feed. Baby is gassy, block feed. ugh!) But I wish she explained the 'block feed no more than a week' better. If block feeding is truly needed due to overproduction, why do it only a week if a week does not do the trick?

    I wanted to post this question on the blog but no comment section?

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    omg, yes, meg! i was just now looking at a post in a group on fb where the mom says her baby is gaining weight too slow, she's pumping and supplementing 4 oz/day (2 bm, 2 formula), and she's noticed that when her milk separates in the fridge there's "very little" fat (whatever that means), wonders if that's why baby is gaining slow. another commenter suggests she try block feeding. WTH???
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    Default Re: To Block Feed or Not to Block Feed?

    Thanks, Karen. This comes up all the time on the forums, these will be helpful links.

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