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Thread: 9 Day Old Will Not Breastfeed!

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    Hello. I have had issues getting my baby to nurse since day 1. He is now 9 days old and is still having issues. I have been pumping my breasts in order to give him my milk and I get about 3-4 oz combined out of both breasts so I believe I'm getting enough milk. I cannot seem to get him to latch properly and actually suckle. I have spoke to several lactation consultants and in the first couple of days after he was born, we found that he was tongue tied. We had the issue corrected and I was assured that he would have an easier time nursing and he still has not. He acts as though he wants to nurse, but when he actually does get latched and attempts to suck, he seems to get impatient and flails around and cries. I am extremely worried as I would love to breastfeed exclusively, but have heard that women who only pump their breasts and do not actually nurse the baby have a lower supply of milk or the milk production stops completely. Any advise? I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I have tried several different positions for nursing. I also have extremely large nipples, could that have something to do with it?

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    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on the be new baby! I'm impressed by how far you've come in just 9 days. You got the tongue tie corrected, you're making plenty of milk, and while the baby is having trouble nursing he will latch on. Those are all great steps, which put you really far ahead in the game.

    In your shoes, the best things you can do are to patiently continue to offer the breast, seek hands-on help from a professional (preferably an IBCLC), and continue to pump.

    Some things that you can try are:
    1. Offer the breast at or before the earliest signs of hunger. Crying is a late indication of hunger, and once a baby reaches the point where he's crying, he's often too frantic to latch on and suck.
    2. Swaddle. A swaddled baby can't churn his little arms and legs and cannot bat the breast away.
    3. Experiment with reclined nursing positions. When you're leaning back and baby is leaning forward, gravity is going to hold his head on the breast.
    4. Express a little milk onto the skin of the nipple before attempting to latch baby on. When baby latches on, the taste of milk may provoke him to suck.
    5. Do lots of skin-to-skin contact with baby. Just hang around topless with him, cuddling as much as possible. This will get him into the mindset that the breast is warm and cuddly and comforting. He wants to be there!
    6. If baby is flailing and freaking out, try offering him a clean pinky finger to suck, with nail held down towards his tongue (rather than aimed up, at the delicate skin of the palate). A few seconds of sucking on a finger may remind him that sucking, not screaming, is the way to get his needs met.
    7. Try the "finish at the breast" technique: if you give baby a bottle, pause the feeding after an ounce or so and offer the breast, ideally with some milk expressed onto the nipple. This way baby is not frantic with hunger, but is still hungry enough that he will be motivated to suck.

    It sounds like pumping is going really well right now. How often are you pumping and what out of pump are you using? Let's work on making sure you have the best chance of keeping your good supply, even if your baby takes a while to really "get" nursing.

    Large nipples can be a challenge for some babies to latch onto. But babies quickly grow into the size of their mom's equipment. Make sure the LC shows you the "breast sandwich" technique- it's really good for cramming maximum breast into a tiny mouth.

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    I'm using a hospital grade Ameda Elite that I borrowed from our local WIC office. I pump about every 3 hours. Thanks for the tips, I feel very overwhelmed by all of this and stay worried that he's not getting enough to eat. I think I pump more than I nurse but I would much rather be nursing him.

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    Im having issues too with my son, he is 8 days old and Im still not establishing enough milk supply. I pump every 2-3 hours after I feed him with formula and after 3 pumping sessions I only get 5ml overall. it is so depressing and i dont know what to do. I am trying supplements now and i hope it will work like magic. I dont want to give up but Im close to giving up if nothing progressed this week.

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