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Thread: 11-month old suddenly only wants to nurse

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    Default 11-month old suddenly only wants to nurse

    Z's interest in nursing picked way up a few weeks ago, and at first i just assumed it was a growth spurt or a cold or something that would last a few days, but it's only gotten worse.

    He won't eat solids at home now. He'll play happily with his dad, but if he sees me, he crawls over and starts tearing at my shirt. He doesn't want to play with me, or even snuggle. If i'm nearby, he wants to nurse, and usually rather roughly with little actual eating.

    He doesn't sleep through the night anymore either. He wakes up around midnight and wants to nurse constantly until about 3, then about every hour after that.

    He still eats food at day care, his diapers are normal, he's got a slight cold but is otherwise healthy.

    What do i do? I'm going bonkers.

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    Default Re: 11-month old suddenly only wants to nurse

    teething? developmental milestones like walking? reconnecting with you if you're away from him for your job?

    all of this sounds pretty normal, honestly. you can start to enforce some nursing etiquette (like around not nursing roughly), but lots of night nursing, little food at home, not sttn, etc all sound like typical patterns. frustrating but normal
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    Default Re: 11-month old suddenly only wants to nurse

    Very normal. And also temporary. I noticed distinct upticks in my daughters' nursing as they gained mobility and independence. It was like nursing was their way of reassuring themselves that I was still there, no matter how far they toddled. The upticks drove me bonkers, but they didn't last that long.

    Does your baby make a beeline for you the moment you get home from work? If so, it might help to transfer him to dad's care for a few minutes. Have dad take him outside, or somewhere out of sight, so that you can take a quick shower, regroup, have a quick snack- whatever it takes to transition you from work mode to mommy mode.

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    Default Re: 11-month old suddenly only wants to nurse

    Sounds about right! My 11 month old is nursing approximately every ten minutes at the moment! Play, nurse. Attempt to walk, nurse. Attempt to walk away WITH my breast...and so on. Every single time my daughter is working on a new skill, the nursing requests explode upward.
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