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Thread: EBFing 5wk old...getting diff opinions from LCs + ped

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    An update after today's LC appointment.

    Baby's weight is 11.5, up 3 oz from 11.2 on Friday. Weight gain is on track despite the fussy and short feedings. Yay!

    LC watched me nurse and believes baby does not have a problem with latch or sucking/swallowing. So it seems the appointment with LC #2 was probably a bit of a fluke and led her to believe that baby could not nurse when really she was just having a bad day and not willing or hungry. Baby does, however, pull off the breast at letdown (not after) and become agitated. So it appears my supply has evened out but my letdown is still very strong and difficult for baby to handle at times. I am using the approach of putting a finger in her mouth to help her swallow the abundance of milk that has pooled and keep her calm while I catch the spray with my other hand. We also discussed possibility that she gets fussy when I try to feed if she is not truly hungry - I nursed at 7 am and when I was with the LC at 9 am she was willing to eat a few minutes but not much longer. She transferred a half ounce of milk in a couple of minutes.

    Due to baby's age, proficiency at nursing, resistance to nursing during fussy evenings and the fact that I will be returning to work in less than two months, LC recommend that we begin teaching baby to suck a bottle and have dad offer her one in the evening. I know the general consensus here is no bottles (not yet anyway), and I think we *will* wait a bit on this but I am planning to pump 3x a day to ensure my supply is maintained and build a freezer stash. I go back to ped's office for a weight check next Thursday.

    Regarding the earlier questions about baby feeding only on one breast...she has never, ever fed on both sides whether offered or not. After birth I started off offering both, and when my supply went nuts I began to block feed (one side per feeding). When supply began to level last week, I began offering both sides again. She will often suck a few times and then pull off, resting head on my breast and falling asleep (if we are having a calm feeding, if not, she will begin to cry when I move her to other breast - she is clear when she doesn't like or want something!). I've tried compressions to get her interest in suckling on the second breast but doesn't seem to matter. So, my assumption is that she is getting full enough on one side.

    Thanks again for all of the helpful guidance during a very difficult few days! I am feeling much more confident and reassured and excited that even though baby and I are not quite breastfeeding 'pros' yet, we are headed in the right direction.
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    it definitely sounds like you're on the right track! awesome job. it makes a lot of sense that that 2nd lc appointment was a fluke.

    re: going back to work - 2 months is a LONG time, and given you struggled with oversupply, i'd caution you about going too gung-ho on the pumping. even ONE isolated pumping session is enough to throw some moms back into os misery, much less 3x a day!!! plus, you'll need to pump while at work to maintain your supply, so really you only need enough for your first day back in the fridge before you go. anything in addition to that is bonus/psychological. i'm not downplaying that - i really wanted a stash too for psychological reasons - but seriously - my advice is to work on breastfeeding and put the pump away for 6 weeks and enjoy your time off & your new baby. you'll pump more than you ever wanted to, soon enough. then, 2 weeks before you go back, pump ONCE a day to build a freezer stash.

    keep us posted!
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    Default Re: EBFing 5wk old...getting diff opinions from LCs + ped

    My baby went through a month of evening scream times at that age and wouldn't nurse either... two things that helped:

    1. When I offered him the breast, I would say out loud "it's here if you want it, baby. If you don't, that okay." I think I needed to hear myself say that so I didn't force it. Babies do eventually eat if they're hungry, so since weight gain wasn't a problem, I had to not care whether he ate during those fussy times...forcing the breast made it worse

    2. Sometimes I could get him to latch on by standing up topless holding him in a cradle or cross cradle but with my arm between his legs for security,and rotating my upper body back and forth by turning at the waist (sort of whooshing us back and forth) -- the movement would gently bob his head against my breast, and after he had calmed down a little I would move my arm so at the next rotation he head bobbed onto my nipple, and he would often take it at that point. Then I would just stand nursing and swaying/turning/whooshing. Hope that makes sense!
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