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    Hey Ladies,

    This is my first time posting on here!. I am a 22 first time mom to a healthy 7 month old baby girl and I have breastfeeding the whole way!. I have an awful time pumping however. It takes me hours to get out 8 ounces. I'll have to stop pumping and then go back to pumping to get my flow back up. I have the medela electric pump too, so my body just doesn't like the whole pumping thing. Now in about 15 days I am being put to sleep to get my wisdom teeth cut out. They told me I would have to pump and stop nursing for a couple days. I'm really upset because this it is so hard for me to pump. I forgot to mention my baby also hates drinking from a bottle. Has anyone else gone through this??.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    Whoever told you that you have to stop breastfeeding for a few days gave you incorrect information. In general, most moms are able to nurse as soon as the general anesthesia wears off. And the drugs that you are likely to be given after dental surgery- those are probably the same ones that moms take after a c-section and no-one tells them not to nurse!

    I suggest contacting your dentist/doctor/oral surgeon and asking for the specific names of the medications you will be given. Then take that list and call Infant Risk (http://www.infantrisk.com) and ask them what is safe and what isn't. The Infant Risk center exists because so many doctors give out completely false information about which drugs are contraindicated, so it makes sense to double check.

    When I had my wisdom teeth out, my oral surgeon also wanted me to have general anesthesia. I insisted on local. Novocaine- or lidocaine, or whatever was used- was perfectly sufficient. I didn't feel a thing. The worst thing about the surgery was having to listen to the oral surgeon chitchat with his nurse. Many years later, I had general anesthesia for a different surgery, and that was a thousand times worse than anything I had ever experienced. The wake-up process was miserable, and I threw up several times. My point being that if you can see yourself being able to stand a boring procedure, it may well be worth it to choose local anesthesia over general.

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    I also had local anesthesia, had all four of my wisdom teeth out at the same time. Definitely consider looking into that option - much gentler on your body and you can nurse your baby right before and right after the procedure without missing a beat! If you do need general anesthesia, definitely call InfantRisk as mommal suggests.

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    Definitely call infant risk! Let us know if you cannot for some reason. According the The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, (8th edition) there is no need to pump and dump or not nurse for some specified time after general anesthesia. This is a really destructive myth, as if moms needing gen. anesthesia do not have enough things to worry about! Gen anesthesia leaves the bloodstream quickly which is why it usually needs to be given throughout a procedure. Once awake you can nurse your baby. Also usually fine to nurse on pain meds even narcotics I nursed three newborns post c-section and I was on strong pain meds. If you bed share (share a sleeping surface with your baby) and are on heavy meds you want to be aware of cautions about that. But your procedure need not cause you an interruption in breastfeeding.

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