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Thread: I don't know what's going on...

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    I had my tubes tied two weeks ago and with the combination of fasting, the surgery itself, not being able to eat/drink anything or keep things down afterward and not being able to breastfeed for 24 hours, my milk supply dropped. If I had to guess, it's because I was dehydrated. I did pump and dump, but what was telling is I had nursed my daughter at 730am, and the first time I pumped was 430pm- and I wasn't full or engorged. During the time I wasn't able to BF, she was bottle fed my breastmilk as well as some formula.
    The past two weeks have been spent trying to build my supply back up, and I thought I had done so and was out of the woods; but the past few days have been extremely difficult. I have yet to feel full, even after the 7 hour stretch at night; I am unable to pump more than two ounces total, and lately, every time I put her on the breast, she becomes fussy, angry, and gassy. Yesterday was particularly difficult, because other than her nighttime feeding, every.single.time I put her on the breast, within a minute she became agitated and fussy, moments later passing gas- to the point where we both gave up trying, and I resorted to a bottle.

    She is 3 months old as of this week, has regular wet diapers and usually one bowel movement a day, occasionally skipping a day, so I'm guessing she's getting enough from me, but this fussiness at the breast is really bothering me. Help!

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    Welcome to the forum!

    At this point, are you exclusively or mostly nursing, or are you doing a combination of nursing and bottlefeeding? I'm thinking that what might be going on is that baby got a lot of bottles for a while there, and may have decided that she likes them. A lot of babies do- it's much easier to get milk out of a bottle than it is to get milk out of the breast, and babies often discover that they like that much lazier feeding style. If this is the case, the best thing you can do is probably to ban the bottles for a while- a few days, maybe a few weeks- and concentrate on helping baby relearn that it's the breast, not the bottle, that delivers food and comfort.

    Other possible explanations for the fussiness:
    - Pain from teething or illness, particularly ear infection. Now's the season for the first fall colds... It might make sense to have the pediatrician take a peek at your baby's ears, particularly if she recently had a runny nose or fever.
    - Supply adjustment. Most moms start out making more milk than their babies need- it's nature's way of ensuring that the baby gets fed while mastering the art of nursing. But after a while, most moms find that their supply adjusts to meet baby's need very precisely, without a lot of milk left over to pump out or make mom feel full. This adjustment is beneficial, overall- making too much milk is a waste of a mom's energy and also puts her at increased risk for plugged ducts and mastitis. But babies often don't enjoy the adjustment, because they got used to milk being easy to come by and now that mom's supply is more closely matched to the baby's needs, the baby has to work harder to get a meal. If supply adjustment is bothering baby, the best thing to do is to nurse, nurse, nurse, and nurse some more. And be patient. Let the baby figure out how to extract the milk she needs wihout making a huge fuss over it, and accept that she's going to be a bit grouchy while she is going through that learning process.

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