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Thread: trying to up milk supply - helpful ideas

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    My little one is 2 1/2 months. I have struggled with both previous kids to make milk. With LO#2 took an assortment of hurbs from 1-4 months. I stopped at 4 months because of a failure to thrive issues. After working with the peds and gastro doctor we found a milk/soy allergy. My supply dropped when I stopped the herbs. At 6 months I decided to try to up my supply with Reglen. I had little improvement after 1 month. With this little one I was hoping to avoid the 12-15 pills 3 times a day routine. I took motherlove more milk plus capsules for the first month. We had to supplement a lot during this time to get my LO to put weight on at all. I used an at the breast supplementer. I decided to try domperidone this time. I have been taking 3 pills 3 times a day since my LO was 1 month. I did see an improvement and we now supplement 4-12 oz a day. I had noticed the last 2 weeks that his poop has turned green and I see very little seeding. I was considering block feedings but I am worried about my supply. What do you all think.

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    Block nursing is something that is done when a mother needs to reduce her milk production because overproduction is causing severe issues for breastfeeding, mom and/or for baby.

    I cannot imagine why, with your history of low milk production and the fact you are supplemeting due to low milk production, you would consider block nursing. This would reduce your milk production! What am I missing?

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    Block feeding is what a mom does when she has too much milk and wants to reduce supply.

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