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Thread: Glad I'm here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*vivsmaman View Post
    Oh lord. Because we really should reward communication and asking with a big firm no!
    Yes, this has always made the least sense to me of them all. I mean, if your toddler asks you for food or water, you would give it to them, right? Why on earth does being able to "ask" for what they want mean that they're too old to get it?!? @ss backwards if you ask me.
    First-time mama to Joshua, 10/29/11. 38 months ; now trying to wean. for 14 months; now finished with pump weaning!

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    If I'm being honest... and here is my true confessions time ... before I had a baby, I had some of these misconceptions myself about what the "signs" would be to stop nursing. Obviously I had no idea, and I am not even sure where those ideas came from. Now that I have a nursing child, my perspective has changed pretty radically. But here's the thing: *I never said those things out loud* (and definitely never would have said anything to a parent about their own kid's breastfeeding). It seems like human nature to form judgments, even as a third party observer, sometimes even when we're trying not to. But as sentient beings we can also engage our brain-mouth filter. Why don't more people do that?! I guess I feel like everyone is entitled to have their own opinion (informed or not), and they have the right to keep their unsolicited opinions to themselves :P

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