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Thread: Extremely frustrated with pumping!

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    A typical meal at the breast would be 2 or 3 oz, maybe 4, maybe 1 - depending on the feeding. But definitely not 6 oz! Keep in mind that the pattern of meals for breastfeeding is very different from formula feeding. Babies have a tendency to chug away at the bottle, so a formula-fed baby will often evolve into a pattern of larger, less frequent meals. Whereas a breastfed baby at the breast will have frequent, small meals; and you want to mimic that with the bottle as well to stay on track. Just because baby WILL drink a big bottle, does not mean she NEEDS a big bottle.

    Here are some useful links on bottle-feeding the breastfed baby:

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*jpolizzi5 View Post
    Thank you all SO much for your advice.

    My gut is telling me what you've all mostly suggested that the issue is probably with the pump. I was really disappointed when I went to the hospital and all they had were these old ameda pumps. They are "in the process" of updating to the symphony. But now, I will hunt one down! Someone above asked if I could hand express after the pump stopped pulling milk out and the answer is not usually more than a squeeze or two, but I think that is just me not doing it right. Because when I pump and then feed her either immediately or shortly after I can hear her swallowing and often even gulping. (as if the pump took the work out of waiting for the letdown away for her) As an experiment yesterday I pumped with the hospital pump and when it stopped, I switched to the medela PIS just to see what would happen and I got another half ounce or so total. Not a lot - but something!

    She *was* a good sleeper but has had a slight backslide and as suggested above I have started adding in middle of the night pumpings the last few nights - pumping on one side while she feeds from the other since she usually only eats off one side for night feeds anyway. That seems to have helped - not a huge output still, but a good way to squeeze in a few extras. After I calmed down a bit and began to think a little more rationally - I think another problem is that I need to be more consistent with WHEN I pump. I am trying to pump 3,4,5 times a day but the timing depends on when she happens to be sleeping or with nanny. If I'm able to go two solid or even three hours my output is better, but it is hard to go that long between pumping AND feedings when I'm with her all day and feed her when she wants.

    I also had some clarification from the nanny regarding her feedings. (I think the three 3oz bottles was a fluke and she didn't finish the third till after her nap - but I was horrified!!) She said that she's eating the same overall amount I've been sending, but less frequently and therefore more at a time. Yesterday I sent four 4oz bottles and she was there 11:45 - 5:30 and when my husband picked her up she had one full bottle left. This is FAR more reasonable than what I was understanding!! But still means I need to pump 16 oz every 3 or 4 days!

    And yes - it is most baffling to me that I had no problem pumping with my son. My theory on that is that 1) I was exclusively pumping every two hours religiously and 2) because I wasn't even able to attempt BF him until he was 6 weeks - my body simply didn't know to prefer the baby and became used to the pump.

    Thanks again so much. I appreciate the advice and it is just nice to VENT to someone other than my husband who I'm sure feels pretty useless in this area, even though he tries his best to assure me it'll be fine.
    Medela's website has a locator for rental pumps. http://www.medelabreastfeedingus.com...l-breast-pumps
    I used this successfully in 2 different cities in the U.S. Rented from medical supply stores and both pumps were in top shape. I bought my own brand new kit with tubing, membranes etc. I changed the membranes out a couple times. Tubing was fine all the way thru, 11 months.
    1st time mom over 40 to Alex(andra) b: 7/14/12

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