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Thread: nursing strike?

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    Unhappy nursing strike?

    for a few days my 3 month old has been getting frustrated when i put him to my breast if the milk doesnt let down instantly he will try a few sucks then pull away, he's been getting more an more frustrated an this evening tho he was clearly hungry has refused to nurse all together. i have reluctently gave him some formular in a calma teat but i'm so upset i know its not logical but i feel rejected an cant stop crying. my breast were very engorged last week and are becoming so again and its a struggle to express more than a half oz of milk in any one go, confusing thing is he nurses no problemb threw the night, i just hope he will tonight cos i'm not ready to stop breastfeeding. can anyone offer any advise please, i'm probably over reacting due to getting my first period an being hormonal and tired but i feel devestated, my baby started his life with a fractured collar bone that went undescovered for five days and i wasnt able to breast feed him then because of positioning, i was so happy at five weeks of age when he started to latch succesfully and feed succesfully i felt like super mum now i feel flat.

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    Don't get discouraged, mama. What you're seeing is pretty common with older babies. They get so distracted by the interesting world all around them that they put off nursing for the nighttime hours. The way to deal with distraction is to try to stay calm, to offer frequently, and to nurse in non-stimulating locations, for example a darkened bedroom or a calm bath. It doesn't always work- busy babies are sometimes just too busy! If it doesn't, staying available for night-nursing is really the best way through this, because it gives your LO the calories he needs and helps him reconnect with you and with the breast.

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    Well I know this is alarming but I see no reason you would need to stop breastfeeding! Has your baby been gaining ok? Are you able to express your own milk with a pump or by hand? Even if it is little, A little bit is fine. You are just tiding baby over until he calms down and will nurse. If you are feeling full you want to try to express your milk anyway. Then, if baby really needs to be fed and will not nurse, you can supplement with your own milk. Even if it is just a little.

    You are getting engorged-still, at three months? Or feeling full when baby has not nursed in a while? Engorged means, breasts are swollen, rock hard, and it is hard to extract milk. If this is still happening at this point, that is possibly a concern. It suggests overproduction and/or that baby is feeding less frequently than baby should. Overproduction would more likely to lead to a FAST letdown, not a slow one. A fast letdown can make a baby fussy, frustrated, and pulling off the breast as well. Are you sure that what you are seeing is a slow rather than a fast letdown? There are remedies for both but you want to know which you are trying to fix!

    Just because a baby will not nurse at some specific time does NOT mean the baby requires supplements. As long as baby is gaining fine, Why not comfort baby some other way, and offer to nurse a little later?

    BTW, please do not think that using a calma nipple is somehow less likely to cause issues than any other nipple. I know that is how the nipple is marketed, as somehow being ‘more like the breast.’ But the lactation consultants I have spoken to do not agree. If this is the nipple that works well for you and your baby, great. But nipple confusion can happen no matter what type of nipple is used. It happens with some babies and not others, and it is something that is more likely to happen the more a baby is bottle fed.

    For many reasons, it can be very helpful to make sure any supplements (your milk or formula) are given in a breastfeeding supportive way, which is described here. http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...astfedbaby.pdf

    I would also suggest this article for gently encouraging baby to nurse: http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/child/back-to-breast/

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    thankyou for your reply i really apreciate all your help an advice an will reply properly with more info asap aka nap time

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    thanks for your sugestions, the nursing in a quiet room seems to help also oferin more frequent makes me feel better even if he turns away an isnt interested. i'll give a proper update at naptime if poss.. thankyou...

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    ok so i'm not engorged as there not rock hard but they are tender an have big hard lumps particularly on the left side. when i express the amount i get varies quite alot frm half an oz to say three oz more likely the lesser amount tho unless i havnt nursed for a 3 or 4 hrs . usually when my 3 month old nurses my let down is instant i can tell by the way he is sucking deeply an swollowing, during the night if baby hasnt nursed for say 4 or 5 hours he will be gulping an clicking astho im having an fast letdown thats if im understanding what a fast letdown is properly an he seems to really like it as soon as the let downs over he struggles an only stops when i put him on the other breast, thing is lately like last few days to a week my let downs are taking at least 60seconds an my baby is getting frustrated with this an a few nights ago he refused to nurse altogether hence me starting this thread, im happy to say he nursed really well through the night an for the first time in a long time stayed on one boob for the duration even seemed to be comfort sucking for a whle which is something he never does anymore, i am getting confused tho cos today while feeding hes struggling after a minute or two an when i check my boobs there doesnt seem to be any milk left... is this normal? i know there supposed to be more efficient at emptying the breasts faster as they grow but he usually feeds for ten mins a side not fiive mins for both... breast feeding is soooo confusing sometimes... its the frustration frm baby an the no milk that made me think i started having a slow letdown an i was wondering if that was due to my period... apologies if this is all over the place tho i'm pretty tired an trying to remember everthing i wanted to say.. he is gaining an doesnt feel skinny, has plenty of wet an dirty nappies to, nurses up to 12 times through the day an night if having a growth szpert an 6 or 7 times in other times. lastly i often get a tingling sensation as tho im having ld but when i try to express nothing more than say fiveml comes an clearly no ld there? what dya think thats all about...

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