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Thread: day time milk intake

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    hi there!

    my lo is 10 months old and has been bf since day 1. After maternity leave he drank ebm when i went back to work and gobbled 3-4 ounces at a time. Since the introduction of solids his milk intake has decreased substantially. He now eats porridge (made with 2 ounces ebm), homemade lunch consisting of veg and protein), maybe 2-3 ounces ebm then and then later supper.

    He nurses with me at least 6-8 times from the time i get home till the next morning. He has never slept through although i am still hopeful :-)

    he is growing well and is otherwise a happy healthy baby

    i just feel like he should be drinking more during the day. he doesn't even show interest in water or juice from either a bottle or a sippy cup. is this normal?

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    Default Re: day time milk intake

    There's no need for a 10 month old who is nursing frequently to drink water or juice. (Personally I don't give juice to my kids period.) If you want to introduce water and the cup at this age that is perfectly fine, but don't worry how much he drinks. It's mainly just practice for later. How much EBM is your LO drinking over how many hours when you are at work? There are babies who basically refuse EBM and wait for mom to come home - reverse cycling. That's fine too as long as there is a lot of nursing when baby and mother are together, which it sounds like is the case with you. As long as baby is growing well, he is getting enough milk. Sounds like you are doing great mama!

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    Yes, it sounds like he is doing fine My son never drank much from a bottle when I was at work either--usually just 5-7 ounces. He made up for it when I was home, which it sounds like is what your son is doing You can certainly offer water, and/or expressed breastmilk, but don't sweat it if he doesn't drink much. It sounds like he is doing great with solids so as long as his diaper output is good (5-6 wet ones per day) and he's gaining weight, he is doing just fine. It is not unusual for babies to pretty much refuse bottles and wait until Mom comes home to do most of their eating--reverse cycling, as bfwmomof3 said. Nothing wrong with that as long as it's working for both of you.
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