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Thread: Awakes coughing and drowning in snot while night nursing

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    Default Awakes coughing and drowning in snot while night nursing

    I saw on another thread someone mentioned using breastmilk/saline solution to clear a stuffy nose. What exactly do you do with the milk/saline, do you squirt it up their nose? Directly with the breast or with what?

    My daughter (almost 2 yo) is nearing the end (I hope!) of a nasty cold and she is really congested. The snot is thick and it won't come out anymore, not even with our snot-sucking device. Last night while she was dream-nursing she started spluttering and coughing and gagging and we ended up with the lights on, baby all red-in-the-face, DH holding her while coughing and gagging and me watching to make sure she did not choke. Then she was awake with DH for 2 hrs at 4-6 AM, oh joy. She has been coughing hard with a phlegmy sound whenever she wakes up, I mean, I think the coughing wakes her up. I have the same thing and it's horrible, but at least I can blow my nose. She can't yet. (oh I hope she learns soon!)

    Would you suggest squirting some milk up her nose or will that just drown her? (She'd probably let me squirt up her nose with my nipple. Today before her nap she was putting the nipple in her eye and saying "teta eye", then lifting up her shirt and saying "teta tummy". The child is obsessed.)

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    Default Re: Awakes coughing and drowning in snot while night nursing

    I don't think it matters how you do it, directly with the breast if you are coordinated enough to hand express directly into her nose, or express and then transfer to a dropper or syringe and use that. Hope she feels better, sounds like an awful cold for both of you...

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    Default Re: Awakes coughing and drowning in snot while night nursing

    We've used saline solution a lot, but the kind that is just for babies (no medicated groun up stuff, since it can have side effects).

    And yes, we basically sprayed it directly into each nostril, one first and then suck with the little bulb sucking thing, and then the other side, same thing. Our baby actually led us do it without fighting...well, maybe the first time she did fight, but then I think she realized that it helped her, so she just let us sprayed/suck with no problem.

    I hope y'all fell better soon!

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