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Thread: 11 months - biting and nursing to sleep problems

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    Default 11 months - biting and nursing to sleep problems

    Okay, where to start. BITING! Pinching right down (has 2 top and 2 bottom teeth) and yanking and laughing! This is not my first baby but he is my first breastfed baby, I'm not really sure how to deal with this issue.

    Feeding to sleep - he doesn't do this anymore, and now I have no idea how to settle him down. Rocking (which worked with my other child) seems to stimulate him further. So far, all I can do is practically pretend to sleep on top of him and after 20-30 minutes he will settle down and fall asleep. The problem with this is that it isn't always possible as my other child can't be left alone so long.

    Thanks for any advice, we're only 3 weeks out from the 1 year mark and things were 100% perfect until now

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    Default Re: 11 months - biting and nursing to sleep problems

    For the biting, have you tried saying sternly "no biting", unlatching him and putting him down on the ground/bed? That's what I did with my DD at that age when she bit me, and she soon learned not to do it if she wanted to nurse. Also, she tended to bite at the end of a nursing session or when I was not paying attention to her (e.g., talking to another person). If you think about when he bites you might be able to avoid those situations.

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